Tuesday, April 26, 2022

April 2022 Update

A banner month for painting! I did not make the club game this month but things look good for May and June. 


141 x Slaughterloo figures: 141 points

Total: 141

YTD: 305

---Two months and I will be done the dog forces...6 x 18 figure units to go. That will leave me the elves and dwarves over the next 18 months. 


2 x Burrows and Badgers

Total: 2

YTD: 5


$200 on Slaughterloo figures to fill out two forces, rule book

YTD: $480

I am preparing to sell off the excess Slaughterloo figures to recoup some funds. I also still plan to seel a large portion of my 15mm MBA buildings. 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Warren Percy Affair: Scenario #3, Infiltration -----Burrows and Badgers

On a dark and stormy night, Sinjon Stinkwater led his band on a recon of Warren Percy while Sir Buckley and two of his men stood guard in the gloom.

Pretend it is dark and stormy

The guards have a tough time seeing into the murky night

Sinjon and Esmarelda engage the defenders to cause a diversion...but the Otter lass is quickly cut down.

In a back and forth battle, Sinjon holds of Buckley and Osh.

Demelza takes on Ron Weasley...capturing the furry bastard!

Mano y Mano!

Demelza has given the three others time to sneak into the village.

Badly wounded but knowing his mates have succeeded, Sinjon beats a retreat.

A tough loss for Sir Buckley's band. Osh recovered after the fight, and Demelza kindly released Ron in exchange for a score of Pennies. Esmarelda was back on her paws intact (except her pride). 

While Sinjon and crew wandered the lands before planning their next step, Buckley focused on training for the coming onslaught. 

Sinjon did buy a Hammer of +2 Smiting at the black market and expanded his alchemy skills. 

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Warren Percy Affair: Scenario #2, Serving Notice ----- Burrows and Badgers

I could not make the club game on Sat morning, but I did get in game #2 of my solo Burrows and Badgers campaign on Sat night and Sun morning.

The hired thugs, led by the nefarious Sir Barkley (Border Terrier), were tasked with evicting the last few occupants of Warren Percy.  He split his crew into three groups to take on the villagers from all sides, but they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

The village is almost deserted, just 5 hold outs to round up.

Things start off ugly, while Sir Barkley leads a few companions in a scrum, Tollimus Skulp, the Frog burgher, gets the jump on the Raven Tug McCaw and knocks him out.

Meanwhile, Osh and Cosh, Mouse brothers, try to subdue two of the village ladies. 

Things get even worse for Barkley's band when the Rabbit archer, Fiona Honeycomb, falls to Salty Rumbolt, the shrew pirate captain. 

Finally, some success when Cosh Cheeswiz takes out Salty's wife, Emily, the Shrew baker. The Hedgehog herbalist, Jane Smallstout, falls soon after.

Barkley has his hands full trying to grab Brother Morimer, but the slippery Mouse mage keeps blasting him with fire!

The bumps and bruises start to mount. Could it be that a retreat is in order?

Changing tact, Barkley faints to his right and clobbers Salty to get a two to one advantage.

With the Cheesewiz brothers joining the fray, the tide has turned.

Bloodied but victorious, Sir Barkley orders the gang to lock up the prisoners and tend to their own wounds. 

A very fun game. I need to reread the rules as I know I messed up a few items. Barkley's group was at a major disadvantage not being allowed to use weapons (-2 to Strike for unarmed), and the loss of two members up front could have proven fatal. 

After the battle, Sir Barkley checked up on his wounded comrades. Tug has a severe leg wound (drops to D4 Move), and poor Fiona has a serious arm wound (no 2h weapons...like her bow!). This is a major blow.

As as storm starts to roll in, Sir Barkley takes Ron Weasley and Osh on patrol...he is expecting trouble. 

Monday, March 28, 2022

March 2022 Update

Good progress with painting and getting some motivation to start the next campaign. 

Pudigroan (Dog) Infantry and Battery (4 more leaders awaiting bases)

Set up for 2nd game of Burrows and Badgers


66 x Slaughterloo infantry, leaders, and artillery: 66 points

Total: 66

YTD: 164

---Target is 5 x 18 figure units for April


1 x To The Strongest at the club

Total: 1

YTD: 3


$280 spent; Army Painter Speed Paints, bases, campaign map supplies, paint, brushes

YTD: $280

I pre-ordered the Army Painter Speed Paints....cheaper than the GW Contrast paints so worth a try. I also ordered the (last!) batch of Litko bases for my Slaughterloo project. 

Sunday, February 27, 2022

February 2022

Despite a hectic work schedule, some good gaming and painting for the month. 

Club game ending the Polish 1939 campaign


30 x Sluaghterloo cav: 60 points

Total: 60

YTD: 98


1 x Bolt Action at the club

Total: 1

YTD: 2


$60 spent; Die Fighting II rules, pumice gel for bases

YTD: $60

I will need to get some bases and paints...and I may try the Army Painter speed paints...some of my contrast paints are almost empty. 

Sunday, January 30, 2022

January 2022

 A nice start to the year despite the COVID resurgence and three snow storms.

Played a game of 5 parsecs from Home with the plastic figures I received for Christmas. Fun game, but I am not sold on the combat system...but the campaign engine makes for great backstory. I am very interested in the 7TV series of skirmish games and may give one a try. 

Painted 49 horses and 19 riders (credit this month for 19 complete) of the Slaughterloo Dogmen figures.

No club game this month, snowed out. We will be finishing a 1939 Bolt Action campaign game next month.

Started organizing the force lists for my next Slaughterloo inspired campaign. I am making a map using a computer game scenario editor...but will play out on the tabletop. 

I will base them when I finish the next batch. 

Next up--- 3 more cav units and 6 officers.


19 x Slughterloo cav: 38 points

Total: 38


1 x 5 Parsecs from Home

Total: 1


$0 spent

Total: $0

I will need to get some bases and paints...and I may try the Army Painter speed paints...some of my contrast paints are almost empty. 


Monday, January 17, 2022

January in progress...

 Good start for the month....working on 49 horses (I hate painting horses) for my Slaughterloo armies, and played a game of 5 Parsecs from home with some plastic figures I put together over Christmas. 

Horses in progress