Saturday, April 10, 2021

Slaughterloo project update

I finished off the Joccian Rats (Scottish), bringing me to the half way point in the project...70 of 140 units done. I will start prepping the Orcs (British) tomorrow with a goal to finish them by end of September. That will put me at the two year point of painting that project, with a year to go. I will still have the Elves (French), Dwarves (Prussians), and Dogs (Austrians) to go. 

These are the 5 Infantry, 2 Cavalry, 1 Artillery, and 3 Leaders that will now join the campaign.

I will work on the next battle set up this coming week. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Project Update

 I have been reviewing my project plans with the goal of trimming some off the list, planning the completion of a few, and thinking about what is to come. Wall of text below to capture my thoughts. 

Despite my original plans in 2008 to only go with 15mm figures, I now have figures in 3 scales (6mm, 15mm, 28mm). Most of my terrain is for 15mm. 

Some of my goals:

1- Keep spending reasonable. Using on hand lead helps, or fund by selling some projects.

2- Reduce overall # of projects with the intent of gaming them more often.

3- Meet my period and game type goals...skirmish and mass battle. Horse and Musket, fantasy, and guns. 

4- Consider reducing to only 2 scales. 

5- Have rules I like to play the project, or it tends to just sit.

6- Adjust my plans to be working on 1 major and 1 minor project at a time to break things up. 

I just sold off:

1- 15mm Pirates: never used, other projects fill the same skirmish game requirement

2- 1/300 WW2 aircraft: not a particular period of interest, can play at a convention. 

3- Spaceships: never felt right when playing

I am considering selling --------- UPDATE 10 APRIL 2021

1-15mm sci fi: I think I can meet my skirmish gaming with other projects below. Selling this will fund the completion of 1 or 2 other projects.-----  to sell

2- "Craftee" wooden warriors: fun experiment-----SOLD

3- 28mm plastic fantasy skirmish project with lots of extra sprues: Unsure on this one, I can at least sell off many of the extra sprues. If I do the Burrows and Badgers project, that will meet my skirmish requirement. -----SOLD

4-Song of the Splintered Lands anthropomorphic animals: Great figures, not used much. Will help fund Burrows and Badgers. -----SOLD

5- Zombies (this is a drastic shift...a week ago I was considering expanding this): Small collection (<100 figures), and big batch of Plasticville terrain. I think I found rules that I would like (Last Days), and I almost bought a large number of figures to flesh this out. This one if on the fence. -----SOLD

6- 6mm sci fi: A smaller project, half complete. Need more diverse terrain. I could purchase and complete this project in a few months. I am tinkering with my own rules based off the Panzer Korps WW2 rules. Or I could go the other direction and sell it off. Computer gaming may fit my higher level gaming desire.-----SOLD

I will keep these projects:

1- Slaughterloo: I have all the lead on hand, half way done painting (2 years to go). After that, can add occasionally as they release new stuff. I use FOB3. This fills my "horse and musket large battle" itch.

2- 15mm Fantasy: Very large painted collection, and large bin of lead on hand. This will be the major project after finishing the Slaughterloo figures. I use a modified Pulse of Battle/Hostile Realms. Meets my fantasy mass battle needs. There are many additional figures I would love to add to this collection so it will be open ended. I also have some hex based rules using a Battle Lore base that I tinker with every so often. 

3- A Very British Civil War: I have platoon+ forces and I like the Combat Patrol rules. This meets my platoon skirmish requirements, indulges my "imagi-nation" desires, and many figures can be used with Pulp too. No planned additions.

4- Pulp: Never a period I was interested in but the Pulp Alley rules are just too good to miss. Figures do double duty with AVBCW. No planned additions.

5- 15mm WW2: 3+ painted companies on hand, no lead on hand. I use I Ain't Been Shot Mum from Too Fat Lardies and can also use these for platoon level (or squad since they are individually based) with Chain of Command or Combat Patrol. No planned additions. 

6- 15mm Imagi-Nation: The project that started it all. Dormant for a long time, the collection is complete. The Slaughterloo project has become my go to horse and musket game. No real value in these painted figures since they are "imagi-nation" and not painted historically.  No planned additions.

Possible Additions: UPDATE 10 APRIL 2021

7- Albedo Anthropomorphic: I have some unpainted figures on hand and the Combat Patrol rules version for these figures. Would be able to do Platoon+ or squad actions. I just love the figures and plan to get more as they are released. This would be about a 3-4 month project to get to maturity. -----I have already bought some of these, so this is an actual project for the future.

8- Burrows and Badgers: While researching expanding my Zombie project, I watched some videos on this game. Great figures, campaign system, Otters (my favorite animal). So much to like. I bought the rule book, now have to decide if I go all in on this additional project. Pro: Only need a few painted figures to start, rule book on hand, relatively low cost, meets my skirmish and campaign likes. Con: Adds to lead pile, need terrain, pushes other projects down the list (Albedo). This would be a 3-4 month project.-----Just bought the whole range of figures.


Monday, March 29, 2021

March 2021


A great hobby month. Lots of painting, sold off 3 projects, play tested some rules, joined a club, and kept spending in check. 

I sold off my 1/300 WW2 aircraft, space ships, and 15mm some surplus buildings, magazines, books, and terrain. I am considering what I will do with the money...I want to reinvest in one of my current projects.

I think I will also sell off the large 15mm sci fi collection. 

Reserved my room for Historicon in November.

Joccian (Rats)

Sorting the next force...Orcs

6mm sci fi test game


19 x mounted, 60 x dismounted Slaughterloo: 98 points

-I will base these when I finish the next two units in April. 


1 x 6mm sci fi (several iterations of test game)


$131 = $27 on7TV rules, $4 TMP, $30 Dues, $70 paint

$131 YTD

SOLD: $1000

Friday, February 26, 2021

February 2021

A nice hobby month. Finished up the Dark Elf (Spanish) troops and have the Joccian Rats (Scots) primed and ready. 

I have linked up online with the South Jersey Gaming Association (thanks for the warm welcome) and home to get in some in person gaming as things get better. For anyone in New Jersey, look them up. 

Peter--- one of the fellas is a FOB fan and has been in your Historicon games...this is a good sign!

I have been tempted by some purchases...more Albedo figures, 6mm sci fi...holding out!


45 x 28mm Slaughterloo foot: 45 pts

28 x 28 mm Slaughterloo mounted: 56 pts

Total: 101 points

YTD: 193 points


0 :( ---- but I have a 6mm sci fi test game on the table, tinkering with some rules


$0 for the month!

$0 year to date!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Slaughterloo wars continue

The third battle in my Slaughterloo campaign draws to a close as winter approaches. The Burrovian led Associates cause comes out the victor once again after a hard fought battle. 

The Seasons of Battle cards and rules created a great scenario in which the defending Unionists had a strong center but were vulnerable to the superior enemy cavalry on the flank.

Associates on the left are prepared for teh attack.

The view from the CiC position.

And from the other side.

Rough terrain on this flank, perfect for the light troops to skirmish.

The hammer approaches.

Three lines of attacking troops.

While the cavalry go at it on the flank.

Prep fire.

Bombarding the village.

Cav battle swings back and forth.

Unionists hold there own to start, but the enemy has three fresh regiments to commit.

Toad mountain infantry in their element...savage fighting routs the Bog Orc lights.

Burrovian lights charge in...but suffer massive losses. Could this be the Associates first defeat?

Attack in the center goes much better.

Time to send in the next wave of cavalry.


A brief success on the flank...but there are no reserves to exploit.

While Unionist reserves move up to send the Burovian Grenadiers to flight.

Halfling natives charge the Burrovians in the flank to pin them.

And then the cavalry crush them.

Hopping away!

The center is a massive brawl as both sides are low on morale chips.

The Associates keep pouring troops into the attack as the Unionist second line repositions. 

The Associate have the upper hand in the cavalry melee.

The fresh regiments made the difference.

Werewolves storm the village on a stolen lull card.

And secure a solid foothold over the hedgerow.

Despite having a solid second line, the Unionist lines of communication are under pressure. 

Only two weak cavalry regiments hold back the tide.

Unionists decide to retreat before being destroyed.

A hard fought battle. 

It came down to the wire...morale chips where 5 to 5 when the Unionists had a run of 7 cards...but pulled a Lull...with the Associates getting a Move card! They unleashed everything in a massive attack, and since many of the Unionist units were damaged/disordered, or at least was carnage. 

The Unionists went through the rest of their cards...including all 3 infantry fire cards (and did some damage, but not enough)...pulling an Army Morale card at the start of the next set of initiatives. 

The campaign has seen three battles with the Associates on the offensive, winning each time. The unionists have to either get more aggressive, or at least position their reserves closer to the front. 

Post battle saw the Unionists come out of things OK, with several units improving while the Associates, while victorious, have seen quality drop. National morale does stand 47 vs 29 in the Associates favor, plus 25 victory points.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

January 2021

 A fine hobby month in an otherwise COVID dominated start to the new year. I got in a Slaughterloo campaign game with FOB3, painted a big batch of figures, and spent $0 !!! The hobby trifecta.

I will work on posting the battle report this week. 

Next up...the Slaughterloo Dark Elves (Spanish): 3 x infantry units, 3 x cav, 1 x artillery, and a few leaders/personalities. I hope to get these done over the next 2 months. I am painting alternating groups for the two sides in my campaign. Rats (Scots) are up after the Dark Elves...then come the big 4...Dogs (Austrians), Elves (French), Dwarves (Prussians), and Orcs (Brits). Whole thing will take be about another 3 years :)


25 x mounted and 42 x dismounted figures: 92 points


1 x Slaughterloo Campaign game with FOB3


$0 for the month

$0year to date

Monday, January 18, 2021

Starting strong

 Good start to the month...I am working on a goal to paint and exercise everyday in January. 18 days in and on the mark.

Finished (minus basing) three cavalry units and well on my way to finishing three infantry units for Slaughterloo. 

Plus have a game in my FOB3 Slaughterloo on the table. The Seasons of Battle campaign rules are helping write the narrative...some back and forth manuever with one side gaining an advantage and bringing battle at a location with a wide open flank to maximize the effectiveness of their superiors quantity and quality of cavalry.

$0 spent for the month is a bonus.

These guys now are 75% complete

Getting the table ready

Big cav ready for basing

Great room for maneuver on the right flank