Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June 2020 and mid-year review

Half way through a crazy year. Have kept up my painting, got in some games, and blew the budget!
A key component was painting at least 15 minutes (often much more) every day in June.

Plans for 2020
1- Focus on Slaughterloo: target is at least 600 figures
---On target
2- Start Albedo once the range is more filled out...will take about 4 months to paint the figures
---On hold...focusing on #1
3- Attend Historicon
---Cancelled! very disappointed.
4- Keep spending to <$1800 total... I can do it!
---Major fail
5- 15mm fantasy if I get into a slump
---No slump yet

Played two games of Pulp Alley...fantastic set of rules.

On the painting front, very nice progress. I can now play the next battle in my FOB3 Slaughterloo Campaign.

The Goblin Army of Al-Gharvey:
7 leader bases
1 Artillery
3 Cavalry
4 Infantry

140 points! I know I can't keep up this pace.
YTD: 529 point

2 x Pulp Alley

$170 on FOB3 base markers and more storage!
$ 3140 YTD

Project Update

Slaughterloo: In progress

---Last Painted: Jun, 2020
---Last Gamed: Feb, 2020...game on the table

Pulp Alley: Will have some bleed over with the AVBCW figures. No major additions needed. I will continue to collect all of the Pulp Alley cards and scenarios.

---Last Painted: Dec, 2017
---Last Gamed: Jun, 2020

Fantasy 15mm: Large number of figures on hand to be painted.

---Last Painted: Jul, 2019
---Last Gamed: Jan, 2020

A Very British Civil War: No planned additions.
---Last Painted: Jul, 2019
---Last Gamed: May, 2020

Kingdom of Katzenstein: My 15mm "Napoleonic" imagi-nation. This is the project that got me started in November 2008.  I will continue to add a unit every now and then.
---Last Painted: Dec, 2018
---Last Gamed: Dec, 2011

Albedo Anthropomorphics: Not Started

---Last Painted: 
---Last Gamed:

6mm Sci-fi: Phase I complete.
---Last Painted: May, 2018
---Last Gamed: Apr, 2018

Zombies: Phase I complete.
---Last Painted: Jul, 2018
---Last Gamed: Oct, 2018 

Wooden Warriors: I don't plan to continue this project
---Last Painted: Jun, 2018
---Last Gamed: Jun, 2018

28mm Fantasy: Phase I complete. Plenty of plastic kits on hand.
---Last Painted: Oct, 2019
---Last Gamed: Oct, 2019

Splintered Lands Animals: No planned additions. 
---Last Painted: Dec, 2011
---Last Gamed: Feb, 2013

World War Two 15mm: No planned additions.
---Last Painted: Jan, 2013
---Last Gamed: Jul, 2014

Sci-fi 15mm:  No planned additions.
---Last Painted: Jun, 2013
---Last Gamed: Jan, 2019

WW2 Air Combat: No planned additions.
---Last Painted: Apr, 2013
---Last Gamed: Apr, 2013

Starmada Space Ships: No planned additions.
---Last Painted: Jun, 2011
---Last Gamed: Feb, 2013

15mm Pirates: No planned additions.
---Last Painted: May, 2016
---Last Gamed: Not yet

Long Term Plans at the Ten Year Mark---now year #11.5
1) Finish the AVBCW project in 2019---DONE
2) Fill in the final parts of the 6mm sci-fi project
3) Decide if I want to add any wooden warriors and zombies---CHANGE OF PLANS
4) Continue the 15mm fantasy project...tons of lead on hand. This is my open ended opus project
5) Start the Slaughterloo project with the massive amount of Alternative Armies figures I bought this year on a very expensive whim.---IN PROGRESS
6) Game more---IN PROGRESS
7) Attend more conventions...this will be a major goal once I retire.
8) Keep spending in check---NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
9) Don't start any new projects---FAILED 
10) Add to the terrain collection---IN PROGRESS

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Pulp Alley- Zombies!

Quick solo game of Pulp Alley...with Zombies.

My survivor had to try to link up with others and make for the bridge.

Disaster! Not a zed killed, three of the survivors lost, and the fate of Miroslav to be determined...did he crawl away from the gathering horde at the last second? We will see in the next episode.

Looks like a short dash to the bridge

Things go south quickly

Miroslav is in trouble

Chainsaw Jim is surrounded

An ugly day in the apocalypse

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Pulp Alley- Lagoon of Terrors

Played the next game in the Perilous Island Pulp Alley campaign...the lagoon of terrors.

The Duke's Eastern League narrowly defeated Chanimal's Fiends, 4 to 3.

Three Chanimals fired at The Duke in the last turn after he grabbed the major plot point...but scored only one wound.

Next up...Pulp Alley- Zombies

Friday, May 29, 2020

May 2020

Despite a crazy work schedule in the COVID response, I have managed to finish another Slaughterloo force. Trolls/Trolkin infantry and artillery to add to the cavalry unit from two months ago.

Time for another battle...let's get FOB3 on the table.

Historicon is a casualty of COVID-19. Disappointed as this is my gaming highpoint of the year. It will help get my spending back in check...but I may splurge and get the remaining 6mm Sci Fi and Albedo 28mm figures I want in July.

Troll forces

Goblins primed

AVBCW battle with Combat Patrol

72 figures: 72 points

1 x VBCW with Combat Patrol

$80, ordered the last of the bases I will need for the whole Slaughterloo project
$2970, year to date.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April 2020

Despite the crazy work schedule with the battle against COVID, I managed to get some painting done and started a game.

Otterman infantry

Two months of Otterman and Halfling warriors

Trolka up next

Then the Goblins

63 figures: 63 points

0 --- one on the table in progress

$100 ---- FOB3!!!
$2790, year to date.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March 2020

Disappointing month in the hobby...work, Corona, family, and general malaise all ate into my motivation. Determined to get back at things tomorrow.

0 ---- did a little work on the next batch of Slaughterloo figures

0 --- may set something up on the table this week.

$180 ---- storage boxes (needed deeper bins for the Slaugherloo figures), and Rommel rules
$2690, year to date.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

February 2020

Nice painting and gaming progress this month even if a slow down from my frantic last few months.

Started two more batches of Slaughterloo figures...starting with the cavalry this time since painting the mounts always seems to be a frustration to me. The contrast paints made them a breeze...very nice on fur.

I broke down and ordered the rest of the Slaughterloo figures I planned to get eventually since they have a (very reasonable) price increase coming...this destroyed my budget plans for the year.

18 x foot 28 mm figures: 18 points
27 x mounted 28mm figures: 54 points
TOTAL: 72 points

1 x game of FoB with the Slaughterloo figures

$ 2,200 ouch!!! on Slaughterloo figures...this is at least two years of painting.
$ 2,510 year to date
Hope the wife does not read this.