Thursday, February 27, 2020

February 2020

Nice painting and gaming progress this month even if a slow down from my frantic last few months.

Started two more batches of Slaughterloo figures...starting with the cavalry this time since painting the mounts always seems to be a frustration to me. The contrast paints made them a breeze...very nice on fur.

I broke down and ordered the rest of the Slaughterloo figures I planned to get eventually since they have a (very reasonable) price increase coming...this destroyed my budget plans for the year.

18 x foot 28 mm figures: 18 points
27 x mounted 28mm figures: 54 points
TOTAL: 72 points

1 x game of FoB with the Slaughterloo figures

$ 2,200 ouch!!! on Slaughterloo figures...this is at least two years of painting.
$ 2,510 year to date
Hope the wife does not read this.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Slaughterloo- my first battle with painted figures using Field of Battle 3rd edition

With the end of the Mordredian Wars in Uropa, the interest in far off colonies, long ignored during the height of the wars,  resumed. All nations of Uropa had found small colonies on the distant island of Viva. These backwater colonies have gained a strong sense of independence over the years. Not wanting to return to autocratic imperial rule, the colonies have begun to consider uniting as an independent republic. Some favor a strong union (under their own dominance of course), while others favor a looser association. These Unionist and Associates parties fall generally along racial lines, but there are frequent alliances, betrayals, and mere whims of fancy that make for messy politics, strange bedfellows, and frequent battles

The Unionist Toads have taken matters into their own hands by seizing the important bridge over the River Zevon at Tibbsia. The Burrovian Associates have gathered a force of Wolfen and mercenary Centaurs to throw the toads back into their swamps.

Burrovian host approaches in the background to attack the Todoroni riverside camp.

The Toads are deployed in two lines.

The first shots of the war...Todoroni Light Infantry come out better than the Werewolves.

Burrovians advance across the whole front, with the cavalry rashly rushing forward to loot the camp.

Toad Grenadiers and Militia form up just in time to route the Burrovian Hussars and Cuirassiers. 

Todoroni first line starts to fall back.

Cavalry can't break through.

Toad Line Infantry hold off two enemy regiments despite their heavy casualties. 

Hussars vs Lancers...Toads win!

The Todoroni Guard fill in the defense line...a very strong position except for the open left flank.

Toad first line has almost completed the fighting withdrawal.

Centaurs are sent routing. 

Toad artillery get ready to fire.

Finally some Burrovian success...Werewolves route the opposing Light Infantry. 

The second phase of the battle begins. 

Canister fire routs the Werewolves.

Little Wolves supported by artillery defeat the Toad Hussars...opening the flank.

Solid line of defenders...who can break it?

Burrovian Grenadiers storm forward.

Little Wolves approach the open flank.

Pushed back, but not defeated.

Todoroni Guard wheel out from the line and unleash a volley...but fail to defeat the Burrovians!

Burrovian Grenadiers hold...and prepare to hop forward again.

Hare light infantry fire into the flank of the Toad Grenadiers...routing them!

Burrovian artillery fire into the Toad Line Infantry that were unexpectedly exposed by the rout of their Grenadiers.

But the stoic toads reform and move to protect the exposed flank while Alpini Toads close the hole in the center.

Burrovians overrun the battery.

Toad Line Infantry (the heroes of the battle) hold the flank. 

Burrovian forces slam into the Toads all across the line.

The Todoroni General orders an organized retreat back across the river.

A close run looked like the Todoroni would hold especially after defeating the Burrovian cavalry and the 2 of the 3 regiments in the first line successfully withdrawing to serve as reinforcements. It was only the rash pivot and fire move by the Toad Guard that cost them the battle [rolled a 1 on a D12+3 attack]. They paid for it by being routed from flanking fire, dropping below 0 Morale Points.

This was one of my best solo games in 10 years. Field of Battle always delivers...looking forward to 3rd Edition. The Slaugherloo figures from Alternative Armies are full of character and help tell the story. The Todoroni Line Infantry regiment gets special mention for holding off 4 units. The Burrovian Grenadiers lived up to their reputation by puncturing the Toad line. The Burrovian Hussars are being sent on extensive maneuvers to get retrained.

Having reestablished the border along the river, both forces regroup and call for reinforcements. The Burrovians have Trolka allies coming from the mountains, while Hobbits and Ottermen from the South are moving to support the Todoroni.