Sunday, December 31, 2023

December 2023, end of year wrap up, and a look into 2024

A close out of another year. My painting and gaming output dropped, but finances held steady since I sold more than I bought. 

With the huge Slaughterloo project complete, I am going to focus on adding smaller additions to existing projects...and starting one new one! I am enamored with the 28mm sci fi Quar from Zombiesmith Miniatures...they are Anthropomorphic ant eaters with  WW1 era technology locked in a perpetual war. Very strange...grimsical as the webpage says. 

After painting the first batch, I am now selling my Albedo sci fi project. It is a great concept, very nice figures, but I have been frustrated building the figures. I am not sure any more will be produced in the range, and I don't want them to just sit on the shelf, I have to want to work on each project in my list. 

Manicotti Line Regiment—-routed in their first engagement!

Princess Julianna Line Regiment

Generic fantasy warriors.


36 x 28mm Slaughterloo Figures

25 x 28mm Generic warriors

Total: 61

YTD: 501


1 x pulp Christmas game at the club

1 x Slaughterloo with FOB3 solo campaign

YTD: 12


$46, bases, TMP

YTD: $2466

(Sold: $2750) +$284 for the year


1- Finish the Slaughterloo project by end of June- DONE

2- Start the year with the 30 Pulp figures I received for Christmas-DONE

3- Finish the B&B figures by end of the year.- NOT STARTED

4- Maybe start the Albedo figures in 2023, or this becomes 2024 main goal. - selling

5- Attend Historicon.- FAILED

6- >15 games for the year.---FAILED

7- Spending <$1000 plus Historicon costs -Sold enough to break even

8- Work on the 28mm fantasy figures if I need a break.- STARTED

9- Sell some more 15mm stuff.- DONE


1- Attend Historicon:

2- Spend <$2000:

3- >12 games:

4- Work on projects: (focusing on adding to some smaller projects instead of a large figure count)

---a. Quar: start when released:

---b. Burrows and Badgers (paint the last kickstarter, and order next!)- 26 figures:

---c. Paint two batches of fantasy figures-49:

---d. Paint one batch of sci fi figures- 21:

---e. Paint a AVBCW BUF platoon- 30?:

5-Put together the rest of the Battlesystem card terrain

Purchase plans:

1) Quar when released...soon!

2) Next Burrows and Badgers kickstarter in Feb.

3) BUF platoon, need to decide on figures. look at historicon or order with Quar from Wargames Atlantic if BEF are released.

4) Several 28mm plastic Stargrave/Wargames Atlantic boxes (5).--- look at historicon, WA order

5) Some paints, brushes, bases.

6) Maybe upgrade my trees, rivers, and roads

Project Update: 9 projects, in order of last painted or gamed

---Last Painted:
---Last Gamed:

---Last Painted: Dec, 2023
---Last Gamed: Dec, 2023

28mm Fantasy:
---Last Painted: Dec, 2023
---Last Gamed:

Burrows and Badgers: whole range on hand (next kickstarter in Feb)
---Last Painted: Dec, 2021
---Last Gamed: Jan, 2023

---Last Painted: Jan, 2023
---Last Gamed: Jun, 2020

28mm Sci Fi:
---Last Painted: Jul, 2022
---Last Gamed: Jan, 2022

Fantasy 15mm: Large number of figures on hand to be painted.
---Last Painted: Jul, 2019
---Last Gamed: Jul, 2021

A Very British Civil War: Continue to add figures occasionally---could use a BUF platoon
---Last Painted: Jul, 2019
---Last Gamed: Jun, 2021

Kingdom of Katzenstein: My 15mm "Napoleonic" imagi-nation.
---Last Painted: Dec, 2018
---Last Gamed: Dec, 2011