Monday, December 28, 2015

December 2015

Nice close out to the year. Great books for Christmas, painted some figures, and even got in a game.

 66 x 15mm pirate figures: 66 points
 6 x 28mm pulp figures: 12 points
Total: 78 points

On the table: 150 pirates/civilians, and 4 ships.

1 fantasy game with "Bear Yourselves Valiantly" rules.

$35 this month--- few rule books and supplements for holiday reading
Total for the year: $2794
Budget: $806 under budget for the year!
Plan: I met my adjusted plan to spend less than $100 per month to close the year...down from my original $150/month plan. Adjusted target was less than $3000 (originally $3600) total for the year That will be a 40% reduction from 2014! Plus I sold $400 worth of figures, and received a $367 refund from a failed kickstarter (I reinvested this kickstarter refund money into more Demonworld figures for the fantasy project...not counted in the expenses above).

4th Quarter Plans:
1- Finish 1/4 of the Pirates in October- Done (finished 1/2)
2- Pulp Figures in November- Done (+6 more)
3- Fantasy Samurai in December- Done

Painted figures for the month:
Part 2 of 4...will base them all when done.

6 new additions for Pulp Alley

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Loot

Merry Christmas to all.

Some very nice items for Christmas from my wife and son.

Light holiday reading.

Will need this when I start 6mm.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Trees Wept

I finished a game of Bear Yourselves Valiantly tonight. This may be the last game of the year.

The forces of the human City States took on the Elven King's army in a vicious battle over a holy Elven grove just inside the borders of the City States' border.

I did not set a turn limit at the beginning, but after five turns, I decided the game was halfway done. The first few turns did not play out as enjoyably as I had hoped, but I am glad I stuck it out for an exciting finish.

I need to read the rules again, but I think I am getting the hand of things. I also need more command stands.
I forgot to count ammo from the start and the Elven archery almost won the game. My units are double the width of the bases called for in the rules so I need to create a house rule to allow a little more maneuver and passage of lines.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.

The Elven grove is in the center just past the two fields. Humans on the left in this picture.

The Elven center...matched pairs of bowmen and warriors with the Grove Guard prepared to advance to defend the trees.

Massed Elven cavalry on elk and unicorns.

Nomadic Wood Elves prepare for a flank attack.

The human center, elephants and mixed swordsmen, axemen, and spearmen; the Ronin are in reserve.

Human cavalry leading hoplites.

The elephants advance rapidly but suffer from the Elven arrow storm.

The ambush is sprung on the human light troops protecting the flank.

The Magnificent Zuron blasts the Grove Guard with magic bolts as they prepare to throw the island slingers out of the grove.

Both sides prepare for a whirling cavalry battle on the flank.

Confusion sets in...the Elves pull back across the stream.

As the human center disengages at the same time.

The humans get the short end of the stick on the flank...losses are severe.

They break and stream to the rear.

Elven cavalry comes out on top at the beginning.

And the Grove Guard scatter some archers.

The counter-attack is fierce.

The Grove Guard is defeated!

But the Elven archers get revenge by emptying many saddles.

With the rest of his command destroyed, General Greco leads a band of horse archers back into the fray.

The Ronin absorb the Wood Elves' volley and begin to slaughter the unarmored Elves at the edge of the forest.

In a shameful display of cowardice, the human commander retreats to a safer position with his best troops.

The Elven center gets the upper hand...but will they prevail in time.

No...the dastardly humans have cut down two sacred trees for their holiday feast screened by the slingers.

Both sides are exhausted on this flank.

The Elves could have succeeded with just one more turn.

The Wood Elves slink off into the forest to lick their wounds.

The field is short a dozen or so units.