Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 2014

Nice start to the new year with more progress on the fantasy project front.
I am steadily plugging away at the lead pile. Finished the on hand humans for the fantasy project and started on the Elves...cavalry almost done and the rest prime. I expect to finish them all by Cold Wars in Mid March. That will leave me the Dwarves on a few planned purchases from Cold Wars. All these should be done by end of May. I then have to make a decision between doing the 300 or so on hand Pirates (and eliminating the lead backlog), or buying more fantasy figures.

Another high note for the month is that I have spend $0 on the hobby...with nothing needed/planned before Cold Wars.

95 fantasy figures (1 mounted): 96 points

1 hostile Realms fantasy game.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Additions

Started off well this month and I have now finished off the human figures for the fantasy project. The figures are from Splintered Light Miniatures. I will add more to this faction in the future.

Next up are the Elves...then the Dwarves and that will finish off the SLM figures I bought in July.

Leaders, heroes, and wizards

Merry Men of the Forest

The Adventurers' Guild

Hunters of the Dead

Heroes of the Hill Clans

The primed Elves...unicorns, horses, and elk are already on the painting table.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pulse of Battle

Recieved my new Pulse of Battle rule book and game deck from Brent Oman.

I am going to look at merging some of the magic/fantasy aspects of Hostile Realms with PoB for use with the 15mm fantasy project.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dark times are upon us

The new year saw the peaceful Gnomes and Hobbits camped just north of the river and preparing to take the Golden Idol to safety. They called upon some Dark Elven mercenaries to come to their aid and escort the precious idol to a new home. All turned sour when a mighty host of Orcs, Goblins, and Undead advanced quickly out of the mist.

Another game with the Hostile Realms rules...lots of fun unless you were a Gnome. 

The alliance forces included commands (from left to right) of Fauns, Hobbits, Gnomes, and Hillmen. The enemy advances with commands of Orcs, Goblins, Wraiths/Specters, mixed Undead, a Zombie horde, and Skeletons. 

A weak defensive line along the ridge protects the two fords...the only places to cross with the Golden Idol. 

The Orcs rush forward and send the first force of Gnomes into route...and cut off one avenue of escape.

The Undead advance steadily and shake the opposing line. The Wraiths and Specters fail to have the intended impact.

While the Gnomes crack under pressure, the Hobbit cavalry (on rams, pigs, and dogs) charge into the mass of Zombies.

The Gnogres launch a counter-attack with some success but the Goblins are approaching quickly.

The cavalry cut down hundreds of the Zombies but the horde is ties them up almost the whole battle.

Orc riders lose their discipline and head off to loot the camp...and lose a chance to capture the idol.

Dark Elven mercenaries cross the stream to form a bridgehead...waiting for the idol to be handed over for "safety".

The Fauns are steadily pushed back but keep the flank protected until the end.

The Zombies are destroyed and the cavalry attacks the stronger undead command.

The thin line is about to break as the Goblins sense victory.

The Hillmen have chased off the Orc Berserkers, but the Chief knows he can't get close to save the idol. 

The Goblin Warlord leads his troops in against the wavering Gnogres.

The path is clear for the Goblin Riders (who would fail 2 activations in a row)

Victory! The idol is taken! (on the 3rd Goblin activation...the Specters could not capture it...had to be a corporeal unit, and this time the Undead rolled a 1). 

The Goblins are elated and clear a path through the Gnogres for the prize.

The Hillmen look on in sorrow as the angry Orc Chief considers attacking his Goblin allies to take the idol.k

The alliance forces form up around the ford to save as many troops as they can, but the enemy leader, Count Duku orders his host to retire.

The idol had gotten so close...2 moves from safety.

The routed Gnomes tend to their many casualties in shame.

Whole the idol is spirited off by the Goblin Riders with warriors and archers protecting their rear.

The Golden Idol is now in Goblin hands. There are rumors that the human clans are being rallied to enter the wars in greater numbers. A force of Rangers is gathering along with bands of mercenary adventurers. They will soon come seeing the prize before it becomes defiled. The Elves and Dwarves have remained silent for now, but surely they must be planning their own campaigns to capture the Golden Idol of Zaquetta.

Next up on the painting plan (all from Splintered Light Miniatures)- humans, Elves, Dwarves.