Thursday, August 24, 2023

The Battle of Tremleur

 A large Associate force counterattacked the Unionists south-west of Tenterfield. The Associates were better supplied and motivated to cut off the Unionist troops in Tenterfield.

The Unionists forces held out until dark, slipping away in the night without having their lines broken, but the Associates can claim the field of battle. The Unionists must decide if they fall back from Tenterfield, or accept being put under siege. 

I played this game with the Battle Command card driven rules. They are very similar to Field of Battle 3ed, but consolidate some of the command options onto fewer cards with an action matrix. I liked them...but not sure they are better for me as a solo set since FOB's strength is providing me (the solo player) limited options on each card.

An open battlefield with scattered trees and a farm in the north. Associates on the right, Unionists on the left.

Rapid cavalry advance.

Infantry move forward; the Associates have significantly more morale points and go on the attack.

Dog militia form square to protect the flank.

This allows the infantry and cavalry to advance to contact.

Dog lines advance to gain some maneuver room.

Albion artillery hammer the Pudigroan cavalry.

Two regiments route but are luckily brought back in order shortly.

It still cost 20% of their army morale points...not a good start.

Cavalry clash on the other flank. 

Dogs beat the Rats...second battle in a row.

More cav on cav action.

Joccian Rat guns get in on the action. 

Guiniland Bog Orcs surge forward.

Ogre Hussars take on the lancers.

Bog Orcs get shot up.

But the Pudigroan cavalry missed a chance to overrun two batteries...this could have turned the tide.

Saxhund brigade counterattacks routing two Bog Orc regiments. 

This stabilized the line and prevented any penetration.

Cav fight continues on the flank.

Joccians almost break the center.

The Albion line is safe with the forces protecting the farmstead.

Center holds. 

Thin line...night is coming.

The Unionists prepare to slip away in the night.