Monday, December 27, 2021

December 2021, end of year roll up

 The end of a rough year. Filled lots of the time with painting, but not as many games as I should have played this year. The big Spring sell off generated a pile of cash...and I did not spend it all. That should fund the next two years at least. 

Slaughterloo figures will be the focus again in 2022...three forces still to work through. 

I have now painted all of the Burrows and Badgers figures for two warbands, and all possible figures needed for the Warren Percy Affair campaign book.


30 points from B&B figures 

9 Points in 28mm sci fi= 39 total

663 YTD


1 x Bolt action at the club

9 games for the year


$0 for the month

$2106 YTD 

SOLD: $5000 YTD

NET: + $2894

Plans for 2022

1- Continue focus on Slaughterloo 

    -Working on the Dogmen: Horses, riders, arty, leaders, infantry

2- At least 12 games

3- Spend <$1000 plus Historicon costs

4- Work on B&B figures when I need a Slaughterloo break

5- Sell some of the 15m MBA buildings

6- Finish building card terrain

7- Relook 28mm sci fi skirmish with 5Parsecs and/or 7TV rules

Review of Plans for 2021
1- Continued focus on Slaughterloo
-----Success! Major progress on this project
2- Game more (>6, target 12)
-----Partial success, 9 games
3- Spend less, <$1200 plus Historicon if all goes well
-----Partial success, kept spending reasonable, and sold off lots
4- Attend Historicon
-----Failed; work got in the way
5- Sell off some figures/terrain...a small downsizing
-----Success; major sell off of projects

Project Update

Burrows and Badgers: in progress, about 1/3 painted, whole range on hand
---Last Painted: Dec, 2021
---Las Gamed: Dec, 2021

Slaughterloo: In progress
---Last Painted: Aug, 2021
---Last Gamed: Nov,2021

A Very British Civil War: No planned additions.
---Last Painted: Jul, 2019
---Last Gamed: Jun, 2021

Albedo Anthropomorphic: Not Started
---Last Painted: 
---Last Gamed:

Fantasy 15mm: Large number of figures on hand to be painted.
---Last Painted: Jul, 2019
---Last Gamed: Jul, 2021

Pulp Alley: Will have some bleed over with the AVBCW figures. No major additions needed. I will continue to collect all of the Pulp Alley cards and scenarios.
---Last Painted: Dec, 2017
---Last Gamed: Jun, 2020

World War Two 15mm: No planned additions.
---Last Painted: Jan, 2013
---Last Gamed: Jul, 2014

Kingdom of Katzenstein: My 15mm "Napoleonic" imagi-nation. This is the project that got me started in November 2008.  I will continue to add a unit every now and then.
---Last Painted: Dec, 2018
---Last Gamed: Dec, 2011

Wooden Warriors: I don't plan to continue this project....I think :)
---Last Painted: Jun, 2018
---Last Gamed: Jun, 2018

28mm Fantasy: Phase I complete. Plenty of plastic kits on hand. --- consider selling excess
---Last Painted: Oct, 2019
---Last Gamed: Oct, 2019

Zombies: Phase I complete. --- consider selling
---Last Painted: Jul, 2018
---Last Gamed: Jun, 2020 

6mm Sci-fi: Phase I complete.
---Last Painted: May, 2018
---Last Gamed: mar, 2021

Sci-fi 15mm:  No planned additions.
---Last Painted: Jun, 2013
---Last Gamed: Jan, 2019

WW2 Air Combat: No planned additions. ---consider selling
---Last Painted: Apr, 2013
---Last Gamed: Apr, 2013

Splintered Lands Animals: No planned additions. 
---Last Painted: Dec, 2011
---Last Gamed: Feb, 2013

Starmada Space Ships: No planned additions. ---consider selling
---Last Painted: Jun, 2011
---Last Gamed: Feb, 2013

15mm Pirates: No planned additions. ---consider selling
---Last Painted: May, 2016
---Last Gamed: Not yet