Saturday, September 18, 2021

August 2021

 Major accomplishment by being ahead on my painting goal for the year. Big push this month saw another 5 x 18 figure units complete...finishing the Orc/British force for Slaughterloo.

I did not make the club game due to work, and I will miss in September too...hope to be back for October.

I am going to work on 12 Burrows & Badgers figures next...while preparing the Dog Slaughterloo figures. I am breaking that batch into 3 parts to make progress in chunks and maybe interspace with more B&B figs

5 Orc (British) Regiments


5 x 18 figure Slaughterloo units: 90 points

YTD: 600



YTD: 6



$2043 YTD 

SOLD: $5000 YTD

NET: + $2957