Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010 painting totals

I was a little burned out after the holiday rush painting, but picked things back up the past two weeks. My goal is 2 units a month for my imagi-nation, plus some odds and ends for other projects.

3 x 8 figure cavalry regiments: 48 points
1 x 12 figure infantry regiment: 12 pts

20 x individual figures: 20 pts
28 x guns, vehilces, equipment: 14 points

January Total: 94 points

My targets for Feb are to finish 2 more second-line infantry units (militia, garrison), and finish my last 9 generals. I have a 4 day weekend, so that will help.

My focus this coming year for purchases is on terrain...I want to get more rivers (various widths), some more buildings (looking at e-bay now), 2 more bridges, and then hills and rough ground. My budget is $100 a month, so money is not much of a concern.

I am going to go to Cold Wars and Historicon this year to shop.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Continuing the advance

30 May- Major General Van Fleck has ordered the army to rest at Zelanski while supplies and reinforcements are brought forward from Antonsberg. The local church is turned into a makeshift hospital while the farmstead to the West is to be used to hold the three regiments of Doftian infantry that surrendered.

31 May- The Pamplemoose Pass Pandours and the Zoomba-Na-Tant Grenzinfanterieregiment arrived after a forced march. These weary troops will get at least a day’s rest before the advance continues.

01 June- The new month brings not only the Cavalrie Regiment de Pupilles, but a Doftian delegation from Giftzig bearing important news. The town council reports that loyal Doftian troops have taken the main citadel in the city and forced the usurper, Third Consul Kilmarnie, to flee the city with his lackeys from the Kingdom of Didd. While unable to open the harbor entrance due to the Didd battery entrenched in the harbor fort, the delegation offers to end hostilities between the District of Doft and the Kingdom of Katzenstein.

02 June- While Hussar patrols move North to pursue the retreating Didd forces, Major General Van Fleck signs a compact with the Doftian delegation. The compact calls for an immediate armistice, the parole of all Doftian prisoners of war, free passage for Katzian forces as long as the District of Doft is occupied by Kingdom of Didd forces, the issuance of a proclamation condemning Kilmarnie’s coup, and a formal demand for King Derwin of Didd to surrender his invading army.

03 June- The Army of the North marches out of Zelanski towards Antonsberg. Hussar patrols report that a small Didd force has established a rear guard in the defile at Borlington where the river runs between a series of hills. This is the last patch of defensible ground between the army and the great bridge over the River Iller at Kronstadt. Doftian informers report that the Didd army and the small band of misguided Doftian forces still loyal to Kilmarnie are in full retreat towards Kronstadt. The roads are reported clogged with baggage and the looted spoils pillaged from many Doftian farms and villages.

04 June- The incessant rain has stopped, but the local rivers and streams are still significant obstacles to the advance. Major General Van Fleck took the opportunity to promote Major Donald Betterthan to Lieutenant Colonel of the Wha Hoo Hussars for his leadership during the Battle of Zelanski. He also passed on the news that the Guarde De Korps and Boober Bay Uhlans will join the army in the next few days.

05 June- Major General Van Fleck orders two brigades to cross the river to advance on the East side of Borlington as the Army of the North enters the defile. Patrols report several thousand troops in and around the town with a strong battery entrenched on the hill on the East bank of the river. This battery can command the road and the river preventing any discussion of by-passing the position. Major General Van Fleck has made it clear that he wants barge traffic to resume on the river as soon as possible provide better supply to the army.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Battle of Zelanski Casualties

Battle of Zelanski Casualties

Order of Battle:
Army of Katzenstein
Commander, Major General Johan Van Fleck

Advanced Guard Brigade- Brigadier General Alexander Van Nuys
Finnigen Fen Feld-Jager Regiment: 238 casualties
Zind Janissieries: No casualties
Wah Hoo Hussars: 221 casualties

Flank Guard Brigade- Brigadier General Gerald McClay
Salamasond Shutzen Regiment: 180 casualties
Nantaket Wilds Border Regiment: 184 casualties

Guard Brigade- Crown Prince Noah
Liebgarde Grenadier Regiment: 249 casualties
Prince Noah Petite Garde Regiment: No casualties
Contessa Genessa Foot Velites of the Guard: 133 Casualties
Light Artillery Battery #1: No casualties

2nd Brigade- Brigadier General Michael Van Itch
Eiffelberg Grenadier Regiment: 249 casualties
Oif Provisional Marine Regiment: 107 casualties
Herk-Heimer Fusilier Regiment: 139 casualties
Foot Artillery Battery #1: No casualties

Cavalry Brigade- Brigadier General Bart Cubbins
Vail Valley Dragoons: 183 casualties
Krock Kavern Kurassiers: 169 casualties

1st Brigade- Brigadier General Sylvester McMonkey McBean
Whoville Volunteer Musketeer Regimen: No casualties
Mount Crumpit Geibergsregiment: No casualties
Loyal Legion of Estrangers: No casualties

Total: 2041 casualties


Doft and Didd Relief Column
Commander, Baron Castanos

Doft Infantry Brigade- Colonel Josen
Doftian Militia: 17 casualties, 783 taken prisoner
Borsch Line Infantry: 15 casualties, 785 taken prisoner
Battery #1: 6 guns taken

Didd Infantry Expeditionary Brigade- Brigadier Upton
Ruritan Line Regiment (Didd): Not engaged
Grenberg Line Regiment (Didd) : Not engaged
Goodenton Line Regiment (Didd) : Not engaged
Battery #2 (Didd) : Not engaged

Rear Guard- Brigadier Romana
Morris Musketeers: 95 casualties, 568 taken prisoner
Labron Landwher: 124 casualties, 300 taken prisoner – unit destroyed
McEntyre Fusiliers: 182 casualties

Combined Cavalry- Brigadier Zanzafred
Doft District Dragoons: 112 casualties, 60 taken prisoner – unit destroyed
Carlsbad Carabiniers (Didd): 110 casualties, 31 taken prisoner – unit scattered
Havenberg Carabiniers (Didd): 227 casualties, 150 taken prisoner

Total: 882 casualties, 2677 taken prisoner, 6 guns taken
Morris Musketeers, Doftian Militia, and Borsch Line Infantry captured in honorable surrender of Zelanski.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Battle of Zelanski

The Wha Hoo Hussar patrols identified a strong enemy position around the town of Zelanski. The Hussars quickly moved off the the left flank to search for a way to outflank the position.

The enemy consisted of the Lebron Landwehr on a hill South of the town, the Morris Musketeers defending the town, and the McIntyre Fusiliers entrenched in a farmstead to the North. Two regiments of cavalry were in reserve, and dust clouds in the distance signaled the approach of at least a brigade of Didd troops.

The Flank Guard brigade moved off over the bridge to take the farmstead and threaten the enemy lines of communication.

While the Advanced Guard Brigade engaged the enemy on the hill to fix them in place.

The Guard Brigade prepared for an attack on their nemesis in the town, this time supported by a battery of guns.

The Hussars flank march was to be contested by the remnants of the enemy Dragoons and Carabiniers. Could the Wha Hoo Hussars have better success under their new commander?

The Finnigan Fen Fusiliers lead a brigade to attack the hill top position.

While the battle at the farmstead rages.

Enemy reinforcements in the form of a militia battalion and a regiment of line infantry lead a battery of guns towards the center.

The Lieb Guard attacks the town after the artillery fire proves ineffective. Heavy casualties once again for the Guard! This time Prince Noah keeps his personal guard in reserve.

The Hussars clash with the enemy cavalry and are victorious! This clash will have a major impact on the battle as it will prevent the enemy from reinforcing the hill top position due to the exposed flank.

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

The Shutzen and the Salamasond regiments have taken the farmstead. A pincer attack is in the making.

The Dragoons lead the Krock Kavern Kurassiers in a march to join the Hussars, screened by the Feld-Jager.

In the center, three battalions prepare to assualt the hill. The Fusiliers will be held up by the defenders.

Enemy militia line a rail fence between the town and the hill. The 2nd Katzian battery unlimbers and delivers heavy fire into the inexperienced troops.

A second enemy brigade enters the field.

While more Katzian troops head for the farmstead and the bridge beyond.

Pinned in place by the Grenadiers, the Oif Provisional Marines fall on the flank of the Labron Fusiliers, routing them from the hill. This has all been possible because the Hussars have kept an enemy regiment and battery of guns fixed in place.

Now joined by two additional regiments, the Hussars get a well deserved rest.

Flush from victory on the hill, the Eiffelberg Grenadiers charge down-slope and route the militia at teh fence. They are halted however by the Borsch Line Regiment and fire coming from the town.

Brigadier General Van Itch makes a personal appeal to the Herk Heimer Fusiliers to continue their advance. His efforts are in vain as officer casualties have been severe, not a commissioned officer left on his feet.

The combined might of the Katzian cavalry prepare to charge.

Seeing the Katzian forces moving towards the bridge, the enemy brigade wisely moves to protect the line of retreat. [I rolled dice to see if/when they noticed the threat].

The Didd forces would arrive just in ahead of the Katzian attack. With the advantage of a battery of guns, the Didd forces convinced the Katzian commander to call off his attack.

The Krock Kavern Kurrasiers over-ran the enmy battery in the center, while the Dragoons and Hussars saw off the remaining enemy cavalry.

Cut off by the rapid cavalry advance, the militia and the Borsch Line fled into the town.
Rather than risk any more bloodshed, the Katzians halted for the night and sent a delegation under flag of truce to the defenders of Zelanski.
Under the honorable terms of the surrender, the Morris Musketeers, Borsch Line Infantry, and the Doftian Militia would surrender at sunrise and march into captivity with their colors.
A second victory for the Katzian forces, but once again casualties have been heavy.
The cavalry performed admirably, but Prince Noah received a stern rebuke for his callous use of the Guard Brigade in attacked fortified positions.
A notable performance by the Wha Hoo Hussars in defeating the enemy in two charges, including taking the standard of the Doft Dragoons. Surly a promotion is due for their commander. The Oif Provisional Marines also deserve a mention in dispatches for their timly attack into the flank of the hill-top defenders...this taking place just moments before the position was to be reinforced by two additional battalions.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Painting Total

I have made good progress on my imagi-nation army in my first year in thehobby. I completed:
15 x 12-figure infantry units (1 pt ea)
3 x 8-figure cavalry units (2 pt ea)
48 x individual artillerymen (1 pt ea)
10 x mounted generals and personalities (2 pt ea)
10 x dismounted generals and personalities (1 pt ea)
32 x guns (1 pt ea)
103 individual AK47/modern figures. (1 pt ea)
Total Points: 441

I have finished 1 cavalry unit in the new year, and have two more set to bedone over the next two weeks. My target is two units a month plus some of the skirmish project figures . With the lead on hand, I will be caught up in about 14 months. This project will never be done, but I want to be lead neutral next year...paint what I buy each month. I will also be adding the wagons, limbers, caissons, and ambulances I purchased last week to build an army train.

Just finished the 2nd battle of the campaign. Will get the pictures and AAR posted this month. The Katzian forces again won the day, but losses were higher than expected. Once again the Guard Brigade attacked a well defended village and suffered heavy casualties without success. It was the flanking move by light troops on one side, and a sucessful cavalry charge by three regiments on the other flank that won the day.

On the skirmish front, I painted 60 individual AK47/modern figures. I haveabout 100 of the Splintered Light fantasy figures for use with Song of Blades and Heroes, plus a large selection of spaceships for the Starmada rules still to paint. I have also just purchased a batch of pirates to add to my skirmish gaming options.

Friday, January 1, 2010


The first batch of generals along with the Contessa Genessa. King Yertle is third from the right in the brown coat. These are the AB figures Austrian staff sets.
I have 9 more generals from the British staff set yet to paint.

Zoomba-Na-Tant Geibergszinfanterieregiment

The second of the mountain infanry units from the West.

Pamplemoose Pass Pandours

The first of the units painted over the holidays.