Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December 2019

Christmas is in the rear view mirror. Two nice new books and a full set of GW contrast paints arrived from Santa.

I have started using the contrast paints...look very nice on cloth and fur. Have to watch the edges to avoid bleed over.
Holiday loot

Figures prepared for 2020

The Toadaroni Slaughterloo army

137 points of Slaughterloo figures (I finished basing all I have painted since end of October)

0...1 on the table

$50 on basing supplies/paint
$3319 for the year. Well over budget.

Monday, December 9, 2019

November 2019

Late post this month due to travel and work. Although I can't take any points for the month, I did paint over 100 figures...that need to be based as a batch in December.

0 points

0 games

$429 for bases, paint, and the artillery figures I forgot to order last year.
$3269 year to date.

Friday, November 1, 2019

October 2019

A nice month for the hobby....good painting production, played a game, and did not spend a cent!

Now for the next project.

Plastic Orcs

Plastic Snakemen

I am missing a picture of the plastic Gnolls.

70 x 28mm fantasy figures: 70 points
Total: 70 points

1 x ASOBH fantasy game

$0 !!!!
$ 2840 year to date
--- I will need to buy bases for the next project.

Friday, October 25, 2019

The bigger they are...

The second game in my 28mm fantasy exploration project.

1st mate, the Hare Phoo readies her band. 

Sailing up the river that leads to the camp, the explorers see shimmering crystals near a large cave.

Hostile natives emerge to attack as soon as the explorers make landfall.

Two groups emerge from either flank. 

But they are no match for the intrepid band.

The more heavily armored warriors take down the natives.

But they are not unscathed as one of their number falls.

Hmmmm, are these giant gem stones? What's that in the cave?

His greed costs him his life.

The ogre charges into the fray.

Phoo falls! and the band retreats. 

Can she be saved?

A see-saw battle ensues as the survivors attempt to carry the wounded to safety.

A win for the nasty ogre.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

New Project: Slaughterloo

I am starting a new project! I bought a HUGE number of Slaughterloo (28mm fantasy Napoleonics) last year at a very nice discount. I love the chunky/cartoonish sculpts, I can build the forces as imagi-nations, and I can still use Field of Battle 3 or the Carnage and Glory computer moderated rules with the figures.

I have chosen to go with 18 figure infantry units and 8 figure cavalry units. I am still working on basing sizes...but the infantry will be 3 to a base, and the cavalry 2.

The figure range from Alternative Armies is massive. There are figures to cover almost all of the nations from the Napoleonic wars. I have purchased one of every infantry and cavalry unit for all but the Ferach (French-Elves),  Britorcn (British-Orcs) and Witchlands (Russians-undead), plus all the limited edition figures I could scavenge. I did not get any artillery yet...I will source guns elsewhere and get artillery figures with my next purchase. I have about 1500 figures on hand...and that is about 70% of the eventual total. I don't intend to get the undead figures.

Since I am never satisfied just sticking with an existing setting, my Slaughterloo plans will involve a campaign on a recently colonized continent after the events of the canon setting. This way I can mix and match forces as I get them painted, and gives me a little freedom in uniform choice.

First up, I am painting the Todoroni...styled on the Kingdom of Italy and Naples. I have 6 infantry units and one of cavalry. Line-Light-Militia-Grenadier-Guard-Mountain(Light), and hippo mounted Hussars. My target is to get these done by end of the Christmas holidays.

Next may be the Rabbits of Burrovia (Dutch) and the Werewolves and Centaurs (Polish).

This month sees the end of the first part of my 28mm fantasy project. I have painted figure for large skirmish games. I have plenty of plastic kits left...I may sell most of them off. This project was kind of a whim and I am ready to move on to something else. I have the following on hand:

1) Huge batch of 15mm fantasy figures. I have enough already painted for massive games, so no pressure to get back to these yet. I am tempted every year when I tinker with my fantasy rules based on Field of Battle.

2) 28mm fantasy plastics. Will sit on the shelf until I decide to kitbash another set of 36 figures.

3) Albedo Anthramorphics. 28mm sci-fi animals...I bought the first batch of about 150 figures but they are still expanding the range and I want to paint all the figures in one type of uniform at the same time. I will push this until next year.

4) The winner...Slaughterloo 28mm fantasy Napoleonics.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

September 2019

Progress continues with the 28mm fantasy project but my enthusiasm wanes. I am working on 70 figures as the "bad guys", but my motivation is turning towards the Slaughterloo figures in a big box under the table.

When I finish these 70 figures, I think I will start on the Slaughterloo figures...it will be nice to get back to painting some figures in standard uniforms (even if fantasy/fictitious).

2nd batch of 36 figures

The next exploration party takes shape

36 x 28mm fantasy figures: 36 points
TOTAL: 36 points
---70 more in progress

0, one on the table

$0 for the month!
$2840 year to date

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Lost Continent- Fantasy Exploration Project

This is the basic idea behind a new project I just started using plastic 28mm historical and fantasy figures and the conversion animal heads from Sally4th. It is inspired by some of the concepts from Frostgrave, but I want more of a map based exploration campaign. I started something similar with my Wooden Warriors project, but the possibilities with the plastics and conversion parts took me in another direction. I also want larger groups of figures with leaders/heroes, and lots of rank/file. More along the size of Dragon Rampant.

I am thinking there can be an individual skirmish component along the lines of Savage Worlds-ASOBH-Frostgrave, and the warband level battles with the "characters" each leading their own squad sized unit on the battlefield. I can even include Pulp Alley.

I may ask the very creative online community for some suggestions on how the campaign unfolds. It will be a narrative campaign that sees things go from the initial landing, to exploration, and the founding of a small colony (and bigger battles). There will be local beasts/monsters, tribes, lost cultures, traditional enemies (goblins...), and rival explorers/settlers.

The mystic vale has fallen to reveal long lost lands far across the sea. Now all of the kings, princes, priest and guilds, not to mention pirates, adventurers, and explorers, are staking claims in the rediscovered continent. Ancient cities, ruins, temples, and other locales are ripe for exploration. The quest to return to the lands of myth is led by the Antros, animal-human hybrids that originated on the forgotten continent long ago.

For hundreds of year, the mysterious, seemingly impenetrable mist over the Western Sea resisted all attempts for brave souls venture forth to explore the lands of legend. Only recently have the mists begun to thin, allowing daring bands of adventurers, clergy, explorers, merchants, and bare do wells of all colors to sail West in search of glory. All of the power brokers in the lands, from kings to high priests, from guilds to wizards, from common folk to criminals are now venturing forth across the sea. The newly discovered continent, or rather, the rediscovered lands of myth and lore, is sure to bring glory, wealth, power, and in most cases, death. Leading the quest to return to the old lands are the anthropomorphics. These hybrid human-animal folk are long thought to have been created by the mighty sorcerers in the forgotten lands, only to be cut off when the mist descended between the great continents. Many brave exploration parties have sailed never to be heard from again. Despite this, more sail each day, and reports are spreading of successful voyages across the sea...with tales of strange beasts, forgotten cultures, great wealth, and great heartache.

The crew of the Flying Fish under the command of the otter-anthro Sir Miroslav has just completed a three month journey through the mist. Clearing the dense fog, “Land Ho”! Rings out and the ship makes for a large height overlooking a potential landing site.

The first game was a small encounter between the first explorers put ashore by Captain Miroslav and some savage natives. I used Savage Worlds rules.  

Ruffus led a small band to explore the landing site. Pitching camp near the beach, they were soon confronted by savage natives. Ignoring attempts to communicate in the common tongue, the forces quickly came to blows. Ruffus' crew saw off the enemy killing two of their number and wounding several more. Hilde has been wounded, but she help off two of the savages, killing one. Boris killed another with his axe. Ruffus has started construction of a small redoubt on the far dune, while sending Hilde and Ali back to notify the captain of the attack.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

August 2019

Good progress on the hobby front. The new fantasy project is on the move, but I may make it smaller than originally planned. I will decide after finishing the second batch of figures.

In a moment of weakness, I bough the Albedo Combat Patrol rules and figures.

I am being tempted to try the citadel contrast paints. I think they will work nicely when I paint the Flintloque figures.

36 x 28mm fantasy figures: 36 points
TOTAL: 36 points
---36 more in progress

1 game of 28mm fantasy with Savage Worlds

$615 for the month
$2840 year to date

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July 2019

A fine month in the hobby. I attended Historicon, painted a few figures, and got in a game at home even with traveling for work for a week.

In August a I expect to finish 36 x 28mm figures, and get in 1 game.

Last picture is a test game of my hex based Commands and Colors fantasy variant...turned out better than expected. Some more tweaks to do.

2 x 28mm armored cars for AVBCW: 4 points
1 x 15mm dragow with rider: 2 points
Total: 6 points
---I also worked on the 28mm fantasy project.

7 games at Historicon
1 game at home
8 total

$1000 total for Historicon including travel expenses
$2225 year to date

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Historicon 2019

Attended Historicon in Lancaster PA for three days. 7 great games...lots of shopping.

Frostgrave--- Tried it out. Fun, but not something I will get involved with...but I am using the figures.
Feudal Patrol--- Fantasy version of Combat Patrol.
Combat Patrol (Japanese vs US)---HAWKs games are always well run.
Combat Patrol (Germans vs Russians)---#2...cliche with a MG in the church steeple.
7TV Apocolypse---Great table set up on a off-shore oil rig.
Dragon Rampant (with Flintloque figures)---Did not care for the rules, but the figures were fantastic.
Field of Battle---I look forward to Peter's Napoleonic FOB game every year. Game came down to the last card.

Thanks to all the GameMasters...I had fun in every game. New venue is a keeper.

Bought some supplies, lots of scatter terrain items, and two armored cars.

Friday, June 28, 2019

June 2019 and mid-year review

Great hobby month. Finished off a major project, rebased some figures to match all the rest, played a game and started another. Prepared the next two months of figures with the next project, and got my shopping list for Historicon all set.

Half way through the year. Time for a review of the year so far.
15mm fantasy game with my home brew mash up rules, Piquet/Hostile Realms variant

Humans crushed the Undead on one flank, while the Undead crushed the Elves on the other

Dwarven Pike held the hill against the zombies

Ghosts were the Undead heroes of the day

Last of the AVBCW figures painted and based

Hex 15mm fantasy game set up for next game

72x 28 MM fantasy plastic figures from several different sets, primed and washed, ready to go

Based the last of the Pulp figures

Plans for 2019

1- Complete all on hand AVBCW figures by end of June
--- DONE!

2- Game more than 10 games
--- 4 so far, good start since I have 7 planned for Historicon and 1 on the table at home

3- Attend Historicon
--- All set for next month

4- Keep spending under $1000 (plus Historicon)
--- FAILED! Started a new project...I was doing great.

5- Consider the next major task from the list below:
- Phase II of 6mm SciFi--- bump to 2020
- Phase II of Wooden Warriors--- Will be taken over by the new 28mm plastic fantasy figure project
- Phase II of Zombies--- I want about 20 survivors and 20 more zeds
- Phase II of AVBCW --- I think I will call this done after getting 2 armored cars at Historicon
- Return to 15mm Fantasy--- huge # on hand
- Start Slaughterloo--- same

--- Selected a new project not on the list...28mm fantasy. I will take PH2 of wooden warriors and AVBCW off the list above. Will look for the zombie figures/survivors at Historicon.

42 x 28mm AVBCW figures: 42 points
Total: 42 points

1 x 15mm fantasy game

$85 for the month, Litko bases for the next project
Total: $1225 YTD