Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap and 2011 Plan

2010 was a big year in painting, but only so-so for gaming. I hope to balance things out more in 2011 but I do still have a load of lead on hand.

Overall Plans:
1- Attend the 3 HMGS conventions
2- Spend less- focus on accessories vs lead and terrain
3- Complete several projects before starting any new ones

Painting Totals for 2010:
D- 129
TOTAL:  1389


Flames of War: Mature - I have two large company plus size forces painted. I may purchase an item at each convention, but my pledge is to paint any FoW items within 30 days of purchase.

Modern Skirmish: In Progress- Lots of figures painted. I use Flying Lead rules by Ganesha Games. This is my go to project to play with my son when not playing the Memior '44 board game. I just bought the last of the Rebel Mini figures I want and I plan to pick up a helo and two HMMWVs at Cold Wars (QRF?). This project has one month of painting to become mature.

Imagi-Nation: In Progress. I expect to mature this project in the first half of the year. I will always continue to build as this is what started it all for me, but I will have plenty of units done for now.

Space Ships: In Progress. Have not played a game yet...but I expect to get these done before Summer as they are simple to paint, and are already primed. I need to buy some fighter stands.

Splintered Light: In Progress. My favorite figures. Need to get a game with these guys played. This is a slow and steady project just for fun.

Ancient Imagi-Nation: Ready to start. My next big project. I have figures on hand but I am not going to start until I mature the projects listed above.

Pirates: Ready to start. Figures are all on hand, but I am not going to start until 2012. I do have my eyes on some of the Old Glory ships to join the pirates.

Wild West: Future. No figures yet...I like the Blue Moon figures and may pick them up at Historicon if I finish some of the other projects.

Sci-Fi Skirmish: Future. Recently getting interested in starting 15mm Sci-fi for skirmish and squad type battles. Lots of nice figures, and some would work well as a "near-future" setting with my modern skirmish figures.

2011 PLANS
1- finish last of the 6 imagi-nation infantry units

1- 8 x 8 figure imagi-nation cavalry units

March (Cold Wars)
1- 4 x 8 figure imagination cavalry units
2- remaining imagi-nation generals
3- imagi-nation "sappers and miners"

1- imagi-nation civilians
2- FoW purchases from convention

1- imagi-nation baggage train

1- modern skirmish figures and vehicles

July (Historicon)
1- convention purchases
2- space ships

1- SL miniatures: Mice, Weasels, Fox, Raccoons
2- Review on hand figures and plan to finish by end of year

1-  Begin ancients

1- ancients

November (Fall-In)
1- ancients
2- prime figures for the winter

1- ancients

The 2011 plan is much more loose and fluid than my projected plans from August of 2010. I expect to only paint about 50% of the # of miniatures as in 2010 so I can game more, and to avoid burn out.

1- Remaining items from the Miniature Building Authority 15mm range...want to have 1 of each
2- a few vehicles for FoW...Marders, PZ IV, US aircraft
3- a helo and couple of HMMWVs (look at QRF)
4- replenish my basing supplies
5- continue to get one of each SL animal
6- look at the Blue Moon wild west figure
7- Sci-fi skirmish...opening a new can of worms...should wait till 2012
8- Total Scenic System has lots of great terrain bits

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

His Majesty's Native Infantry, Metedeconk

The second of the Native infantry units from Merica.

Monday, December 27, 2010

His Majesty's Native Infantry, Manasquan

The first of two units of native irregulars raised on the Merican colonies.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Loot

A few items recieved for Christmas:

1- Wargaming in History Volume 2
2- Issues 101-150 of Miniature Wargames on CD
3- Brushes
4- Fort Wilderness from Blue Moon...15/18mm fort