Monday, September 30, 2013

September 2013

Started off slowly after good progress in the Summer. Could not get motivated to finish the two Rat-men units...kicked it in gear at the end and finished up all the primed figures.

Started a game of Hostile Realms with my son using the fantasy figures...first blood went to the Gnome slingers (routing some Numidian javelinmen).

Tentatively decided to not attend Fall In this year because of other events and cost...but still considering it just because there is a Too Fat Lardies game. Would love to play with others that know the rules.

No purchases in September...that may be a first (or close to it). Doing OK on spending and no planned purchases of figures...may need a small paint resupply.

The fantasy/ancients project is now well underway...Fauns, Lionmen, and Cougarmen, are next up. The figures from Splintered Light Miniatures are just fantastic. This is such an open ended project that it could grow to be the largest collection.

37 x mounted fantasy figures: 74 points
82 x foot fantasy figures: 82 points
TOTAL: 156 points

1 x Hostile Realms (fantasy)

The battle lines approach

Fanatics are out front

Gnomes arrive to support the flank

Cave Imps prepare to strike from hidden spots

Attackers move up to strike

The second command led by a tough looking bunch

Gnome slingers draw first blood

Then the Gnome militia get routed by the veteran infantry

Fanatics turn tail, but the damage has been done

These guys broke the enemy left flank

Sneaky critters emerged to sow havoc

Leaving the enemy rear guard to form up

Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 2013

The fantasy project is off to a good start. Painted 8 complete units and prepped more figures for the next two months this weekend. The focus for the rest of the year is on the fantasy figures and limiting expenses.

8 units and 2 command stands: 155 points


Bear Clan Barbarian Warriors
Sons of Horus, Hawk-men
Cave Imps...sprout from solid stone

Drop ship inserting SOF to take down a rebel leader. Pic from a set up my son made on the table.