Sunday, January 30, 2022

January 2022

 A nice start to the year despite the COVID resurgence and three snow storms.

Played a game of 5 parsecs from Home with the plastic figures I received for Christmas. Fun game, but I am not sold on the combat system...but the campaign engine makes for great backstory. I am very interested in the 7TV series of skirmish games and may give one a try. 

Painted 49 horses and 19 riders (credit this month for 19 complete) of the Slaughterloo Dogmen figures.

No club game this month, snowed out. We will be finishing a 1939 Bolt Action campaign game next month.

Started organizing the force lists for my next Slaughterloo inspired campaign. I am making a map using a computer game scenario editor...but will play out on the tabletop. 

I will base them when I finish the next batch. 

Next up--- 3 more cav units and 6 officers.


19 x Slughterloo cav: 38 points

Total: 38


1 x 5 Parsecs from Home

Total: 1


$0 spent

Total: $0

I will need to get some bases and paints...and I may try the Army Painter speed paints...some of my contrast paints are almost empty. 


Monday, January 17, 2022

January in progress...

 Good start for the month....working on 49 horses (I hate painting horses) for my Slaughterloo armies, and played a game of 5 Parsecs from home with some plastic figures I put together over Christmas. 

Horses in progress