Sunday, February 25, 2024

February 2024

Could not make the club game this month. 

I made two of my planned purchases for the year....the release of the 28mm plastic Quar sci-fi figures, and the next Burrows and Badgers kickstarter.

Finished the third of my four primed groups of figures...the sci-fi figures. Next up are the last B&B kickstarter...then the Quar that are on the way.

I have a VBCW game set on on the table for a test run of Chain of Command.

Generic 28mm sci fi figures


21 x 28mm Sci-fi

Total: 21

YTD: 75


0 :(

YTD: 2


$357, Quar sci fi and next Burrows and Badgers kickstarter

YTD: $357

(Sold: $440) +$83 for the year

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

First Landing

This is a re-boot of my attempts at a generic low-fantasy gritty skirmish and exploration game. I have still not found exactly what I am looking for in this project. I think I have to go for a more narrative style instead of looking for a "kingdom building" rule set. 

I played this first game with the Feudal Patrol card driven rules. After some initial errors (that proved deadly), it played well with 20+ figures a side. 


Sir Miroslav and his band of loyal followers have arrived in the Old Lands to reclaim his family birthright. He brings the ship into a small cove near some ruins, spotting a group of tribesmen in the distance.

Coming ashore

Archers take up position

Heavy casualties in an initial scrum

The pressure is on

Several men fall back wounded

A skirmish breaks out around the ruins

A very bloody skirmish

Crossbow vs bow on the flank

This is very messy

The tribesmen break, but it comes at a cost.

Sir Miroslav's men win the day. The healer, Mistress Demelza has shown her value. The group will set up camp and explore inland the next day.

The butchers bill of the 18 men:

2 killed

2 severely wounded (out 3 turns)

6 heavily wounded (out 2 turns)

1 lightly wounded (out 1 turn)