Friday, March 10, 2023

Slaughterloo Dwarves, black powder fantasy figures

 I finished basing the six units I painted last month. Eight more regiments ready for their new clothes.

The Dwarves in the game are stand ins for Prussians and the other minor German states in the Napoleonic Wars. I am using them all together as a single Germanic contingent. 

Campaign Map

 I had a comment about the campaign map I will use for my fantasy black powder campaign.

The map is put together from a long out of print product called Warplan 5/5. It consisted of cards with gridded maps and a booklet that describes the terrain in each square.

two other gamers kindly shared scans of the maps from their collection.

I mounted them on cork board with an acetate cover and will use numbered pins to move brigades around the map.

I am using a simple set of campaign rules based on a standard deck of playing cards.

See other campaign examples and info at:

Sunday, March 5, 2023

February 2023

 I missed the club game while traveling for work, but I kept expenses to $0 and almost finished up a large batch of figures in a late month push. Just have to base them.

Campaign map

Basing in progress

The next 8 units



Total: 0

YTD: 34

---8 more Dwarf units for the end of the Slaughterloo project. All primed.


0 games

YTD: 2



YTD: $50