Monday, June 30, 2014

Dwarven reinforcements

These are the Dwarves I finished in June. Big batch.

Leader stands

Bolt and Stone Throwers, Heavy Cavalry on Bears

Mechanics Guild, Beserkers

Rangers, Crossbowmen

Maiden Guard

Armored Warriors

Unarmored Warriors

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dwarf Army

UPDATED 28 Nov 14:
The whole army in all its glory...24 units plus leaders

The force consists of the following units:

7 x Leaders
1 x Bear Cavalry
2 x Pike
1 x Bolt Thrower Battery
1 x Stone Thrower Battery
1 x Maiden Guard
3 x Crossbowmen
2 x Berserkers
1 x Mountain Rangers (Hand Crossbow)
1 x Hill Rangers (Bow)
1 x Mechanics Guild Engineers
1 x Death Cult Spearmen
1 x Spearmen
6 x Armored Footmen (Huscarls)
2 x Unarmored Footmen (Bondi)

More to be added. I have at least 10 units of Demonworld figures on hand (including some very interesting units such as the fliers and arquebusiers) and will continue to expand as I buy from one manufacturer at a time.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Elves save the day

The Dwarven Army blocked all entrances to the Valley of the Kings as they waited for the Elven escort to arrive and secure the Golden Idol...or so they thought. Arrayed in a half-circle with the Dwarven pike holding the center, the allies prepared for the Goblins and Orcs to attack.

The field of battle...several passes through the hills.
Goblin warriors attack the Dwarves allies...Cave Imps hold for now, but the primitive hill tribes are send running.
The Pike block on the hill defeat repeated attacks by the Orc horde...but lose their leader in the fray.
The Ratmen warriors make some progress by sending the Dwarven crossbowmen to flight.
Goblin riders have an open path to the Idol protectors.
Then a host of undead appears out of a hidden mountain pass...could this be the turning point?
The Allied left holds...allowing reinforcements to be sent to aid the opposite flank.
Despite the loss of their leader, the Dwarven pike hold off all attacks...but their rear is dangerously exposed.
So close...the Goblin riders and undead attack the Elven Elk Heavy Cavalry led by the Elven Princess.
If only the Orcs and their allies can break the Dwarves in the center, victory would be at hand.
The undead warriors face off with Elven troops.
Orc riders finally make their way behind the pikemen...but it is too late.
The lines begin to separate.
The undead make one last grasp for the Idol, but are sent packing by the Elk Riders. 
So close to falling on the enemy rear when the recall is Dwarf flesh tonight.
The Golden Idol is secure in Elven hands...but the war rages on.
Lots of fun on my only battle in the past 6 weeks or so. I used modified Pulse of Battle rules. I will soon have 10 units of Dwarves to add to the collection...could there be a break in the Dwarf/Elf alliance?

Mid Year Round Up

Six months into the year and time to check on my 2014 goals. I will be driving ahead with the fantasy is now my largest collection of figures.

Plans for 2014: 1- Lots of figures still on hand for the fantasy project...will keep this at the priority for the year
---Then buy next batch. Focusing on one manufacturer at a time.
----- I will be done with all of the Splintered Light Miniatures figures by end of this month. I have two other batches of figures I got off eBay, and then a HUGE mound of Demonworld figures I just purchased for 60% off.

 2- Texture the bases on the imagi-nation figures
----- Still on the back burner

 3- Update the blog with links and followed blogs
----- Still on the back burner

 4- Small additions to existing projects...keeping each to about a week's work and finishing them as they are bought. Expect about a months worth of painting.
-----Added some planes for CY6! and a few other figures. Made a small purchase of figures for a future zombie survival game.

 5- Attend Historicon and Cold Wars
-----1 down, 1 to go.

 6- Spend less than in 2013...need major work on this goal.
-----I was doing good until the Demonworld figure lot came along...too good to pass up.

 7- Start Pirates project
----- Still on the back burner...the additional fantasy figure purchases might push this all the way to next year.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 2014

Good progress on the fantasy project. After taking a look at all my figures, this has grown to become the largest in my collection...outsizing the original imagi-nation Katzenstein forces!

The SLM Dwarves are in progress. Hope to get them done by Historicon in July. That will leave two batches of figures left on hand for the fantasy any purchases at the the huge batch of Demonworld figures I just bought for 60% off!

Looks like the Pirate Project will get pushed to next year. I have also not started the texturing of the Katzenstein bases...maybe work them in over lunch at work this Summer.

112 figures: 113 points

no games this month...but one set on the table now.