Tuesday, July 25, 2023

July 2023

Very disappointed that I had to cancel out of Historicon due to work. Next year!

I consoled myself by reinvesting in 6mm sci fi...a project I sold off three years ago. Trials and tribulations of a miniature gamer. This blew the budget, but in my defense, I did not spend anything at the convention. 

Finished the first group for the 28mm Anthropomorphic animal sci fi project- Albedo, based on the comic book. 57 killer rabbits! 

I'll work on 6mm sci fi for a while, then the next batch of 28mm sci fi so I can get a game of Combat Patrol on the table.

Dracula's America

Independent Lupine Republic


57x 28mm sci fi: 57 points

YTD: 355


1x Dracula's America at the club

YTD: 7


$1550 on figures, rules, and bases. 

YTD: $2130

SOLD: $2500 (still ahead for the year!)