Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013

A great month for wargaming. My son and I attended Cold Wars and got in a bunch of games including Check Your 6, Tomorrows War, and Fireball Forward.

Also made good painting progress including painting all 18 figures I got at the convention and finishing the German WW2 vehicles.

The imagi-ancients project is coming along very well. I should finish all on hand figures in the next two months.

Looking at making some bocage in April...resourcing my materials now.

18 x sci-fi figures: 18 points
6 x WW2 guns: 6 points
15 x WW2 vehicles: 30 points
84 x imagi-ancients: 84 points

TOTAL: 138 points

Tomorrows War x 2 (one at home)
Check Your 6 x 2
Fireball Forward x 1

Space Bears - love these guys

Space civies

Last of the German vehicles

The full German lot
Unarmored warriors

Looks like a nice horde
I used foil from a yogurt top to make two flags. Worked well.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Battle at Mining Camp-77

After weeks of sabre rattling over alleged Vistula League encroatchment into Moskova claimed lands, a platoon of Moskova infantry forcibly evicted an independant mining group from Camp 77. Vistula troops rapidly responded by moving through the rough terrain North of the camp to catch the defenders unaware. They advanced with two squads led by a recon team, with the 3rd squad in reserve.

The defending Moskova section was broken into 3 teams spread throughout the camp. Another section was South of the camp on the way back from escorting the detained miners to a border patrol post.

The sharp eyed Moskova troops detected movement in the woods to the North and along the ridge. Both sides traded heavy fire but the Moskova troops came off worse despite killing one VL soldier with a heavy missle.

The VL troops qickly bounded up through the scattered mining equipment to eliminate all three defending teams. They spotted enemy reinforcements approaching from the Southern woods. Taking up positions in all three buildings, the VL troops poured heavy fire into the approaching Moskova squad taking down a few and forcing the rest to quickly break contact.

With the camp back in VL hands, the diplomatic resolution to free the detained miners was now a viable option. Having a large batch of Moskova POWs will serve as a nice bargaining chip. Luckily, the VL response at the camp came before the camp could be rigged for destruction. The high casualty count has also drawn unwanted Imperial attention too the disputed sector.

VL losses came to 1 KIA (PFC Stanislaw Hynoski) and 3 Light Wounded.

Moskova casualties totaled 3 KIA, 9 Heavy Wounded (7 POW), 9 Light Wounded (7 POW), 1 unwounded POW. Total POW: 15, ironically the 1 unwounded POW was the missle launcher that killed Hynoski.

The camp looking from the VL approach.

Recon team moves up to contact.

Moskova fireteam in the main building.

Recon team advances through the industrial equipment and takes down an enemy team.

2nd Moskova squad arrives and moves in through the trees.

VL troops retake all three buildings.

Then catch the advancing enemy in a deadly crossfire.

Good game with Tomorrows War. Fairly evenly matched sides with the VL outnumbering the defenders and having the recon team rated as elite (D10). Had some great die rolling on the VL side even after they were detected advancing on the first move.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ziva factions

My 15mm sci-fi project is mature but there are always things to add. Below is some of the fluff I have developed for the battles-

 The planet Ziva is known for two things...vast natural resources, and the balkanized nature its politics and economy. The planet is primarily arid with green belts and oasis dotting the landscape. Most settlements are small and focus on farming or mining operations.

Officially an Imperial Protectorate, the planet is far enough out on the rim to not get much direct Imperial attention other than the enforcement of the Colony Exploitation Laws and a small detachment of Imperial forces under the control of the

The Colony Exploitation Laws have a major impact. The laws prevent inter-planetary governments from claiming large portions of any planet, protect indiginous species from extermination, limit economic monopolies over resources, locations, or trade routes/hubs, and strictly limit off world military intervention beyond security, self-defense, and so called protection (intervention forces). This clause limits the numbers, equipment, and technology available on Ziva and makes mercenaries and smuggling major players in Zivan affairs.

The "Timonium Triangle" region is a powder keg of violence and intrigue. The generally arid region is criss-crossed by green belts along the many small aove and below ground rivers.

Some of the major factions include:

Imperial Planetary Security Detachment: Imperial security forces are responsible for all non-incorporated areas and general security on the planet. Often outnumbered and underequiped. (GZG troops)

Imperial Army: There is also an Imperial Army force on the plant to enforce major violations of the CELs. (mix of US troops)

Imperial Marines: A company of IM are deployed from the sector fleet elements. They are specifically tasked with enforcing the embargo on WMD and hostile alien elimination. (CMG ARC Fleet troops)

Imperial Urban Reaction Force: Urban para-military police that are responsible for operations in the only actual Imperial enclave on the plantet near the Timonium Triangle. (Rebel SAS and Commandos)

Local Law Enforcement: Many communities have local law enforcement members of various quality and often armed only with side arms. (Mix of police and security troops)

Local Militias: All but the most urbanized communities have at least an informal militia armed with a mix of weapons. (Peter Pig figures)

Chewks: indiginous tribal society known for raiding, ambushes, and taking hostages for ransom. They make use of the local Timonium to make their weapons. (Khurasan Chewks)

Sahadeen: Descendents of the first colonist; independant miners that have not sold out to the off world corporations. (Rebel Sahadeen)

Ursidians: A clan of Orthodox Ursidians has established a recreational settlement on the planet that they fund through offering small groups of mercenaries as body guards. Friendly with the local Quar that perform menial tasks in the settlement. Groups include both Major and Minor Ursa clans. (Khurasan and Stan Johansen figures)

Quar: while not indiginous as Quar are found on other planets, how the ancient Quar came to Ziva is a mystery. Live mostly by farming in small clans but growing numbers are found in other settlements. (Zombiesmith Quar)

Felids: Felids have settled several small settlements in which they herd the large local bison food exports. (Khurasan Felids)

Vistula League: One of the few established states on the planet formed from a series of freeholds settled by Polish emigres from Old Earth. (Neu Vistula Legion)

Moskova Soviet: Another established state bordering the Vistula League. The volitile border area is the scene of frequent clashes. (Khurasan Neo-Soviets)

Vilnius Resistance Movement: A group of seperatists seeking to leave the Moskova Soviet and return to independant freeholder status. (Khurasan Resistance)

Anglican Commonwealth: The Anglican Commonwealth sponsors several independant freeholds on the planet and has pledged security forces for their protection. (Khurasan Federals)

Babylon Emirate: A small group of settlements bordering both the Moskova and Vistula regions. The Emirate supports several insurgent groups on the fringes of other communities. (Khurasan Neo-Arabs and a mix of insurgents)

Ripley Corporation: Ripley Corp is the major research organization that runs many directly owned or subsidiary operations on the planet. They field their own security troops and a rapid reaction force.(Khurasan Corporate Marines and Exterminators)

Garn: The reptilian Garn have established a small colony for scientific research. The nature of the research is a highly guarded secret. (Khurasan Garn)

Nessie Consortium: A reserearch and exploration (exploitation?) company that maintains operations in several settlements. The NC will use sub-contracted mercenaries for most operations but the NC also maintains a small force of elite troops for special missions. (Rebel Contractors and MicroPanzer SAS)

The Black Hand: A major criminal syndicate running smuggling and black market operations. Not the only gang in town, but the largest and most feared. (various)

(Khurasan Control Battalion)

(Rebel Spetsnaz)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cold Wars 2013

My son and I attended two days at Cold Wars. Great gaming and lots of fun. I kept expenditures to a minimum and only splurged on 18 figures, some planes, and some paint.

We played several games over two days.

Special thanks to Scott Fisher from Skirmish Campaigns for teaching us Check Your 6! Jet Age and giving Noah a set of dice and a copy of the rules.

Best Unit Ever!  I just love these guys...from a Gnome Wars game

Loot....a small haul this time

This makes it worth it...the Junior General playing with new vehicles...Battlegames Magazine serves as stand in terrain

F-73 - Encounter at Livry -- Normandy, France, 12 June 1944
Fri. 12:00 PM, 3 hrs, 4 players
GM: Sean Barnett
WWII 15mm, Rules: Fireball Forward
On the road to Villers-Bocage, elements from the 8th Kings Royal
Irish Hussars encountered the first German resistance at a
crossroads near the village of Livry. An anti-tank gun knocked out
the lead Cromwell in the column. The British called up a platoon
of infantry from The Rifle Brigade to neutralize the threat and
allow the advance to go on.

Nice set of rules that will work great for company sized battles. We started out lossing a track and a tank to the AT gun, but then our infantry made steady progress and captures a house. We poured fire on the AT gun crew from the second story and won the game.
Small village with Germans defending the crossroads with an AT gun

British forces to clear the way

Recon by death...discovers the AT gun

But they win the duel with the tank

Infantry advance to flank the gun

Fire and movement against the Jerry defenders

Hand to hand...Tommies win

Victory! Fire from the squad and PIAT team in the house kill the AT gun crew

F-378 - CY6! Jet Age - Indo Pak - Keelor and the Wolves, 19 Sept 1965
Fri. 4:00 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players
GM: C.B. Stevens and Skirmish Campaigns
Sponsor: Skirmish Campaigns
Modern 1/300, Rules: Check Your Six: Jet Age
Indian Air Force Mysteres, escorted by the very interesting Gnats
attack Chawinda and are met by Pakistani Sabres for low altitude
combat complicated by AAA gunners that shoot at anybody! From
the newest Check Your 6! Jet Age campaign book!

Our first air combat game...great fun run by a great guy. Scott took the extra time to help us learn the rules and had an experienced player lend a hand (Thanks to you too, tom). A victory for our side and some successful engagements.

Indian Air Force Gnats and Mysteres get ready (we flew Mysteres on a bombing mission)
Junior General takes a snapshot

We snuck up behind (and below) the Pakistanis...and I hit the first ground target
JG missed his target but we prepared to turn into the fight

Heading for the fight

Furball develops

I almost cost us the game by getting too close to my fighter escort

But I take out a Pakistani Saber...pilot got away

Junior General with the author, Scott Fisher from SkirmishCampaigns

S-379 - Rebellion on Planet 4021
Sat. 9:00 AM, 3 hrs, 6 players
GM: John Currin with Henry Jay Kyle
SciFi 15mm, Rules: Force on Force Tomorrow's War
Locals are massing in the street with weapons. Fearing a rebellion
the planetary governor has requested help. Federal Troops have
been dispatched to help quell the rebellion. The rebels seem to be
massing near a warehouse. Come play as the rebels or federal
troops in a fun game full of unexpected twists.

It turns out that we are not the only ones still working out the reaction system in Force on Force and Tomorrows War...but a great game anyway. We played as the attackers trying to rescue the scientists at the research lab. Almost made it when time ran out.

Defenders block the path

Drop ship insertion

Early casualties (Junior General's team)

The objective

Blasted the buggie

Breaching the wire

S-376 - CY6! Jet Age - Indo Pak - Rupees Ten, 18 Sept 1965
Sat. 12:00 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players
GM: Alvin Gunkel and Skirmish Campaigns
Sponsor: Skirmish Campaigns
Modern 1/300, Rules: Check Your Six: Jet Age
Four IAF Gnats, led by SqLdr Amarjit Singh "Kaala" Sandhu VM
were headed south of Lahore when they were warned of
approaching Sabres by Amritsar radar control. The Gnat is
challenging to fly, but packs a big gun!

My secnd air combat game...did not go well! Lost 4 of 6 shot down.
Jumped by the Gnats

Quickly in trouble

Three wrecks already

My only good shot...damaged one Gnat
S-117 - Second Battle of Geonosis
Sat. 1:00 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players
GM: Shawn Kaup with Jason Miller
SciFi 25mm, Rules: KriegHund Games (Beta rules set/home rules)
The Grand Army of the Republic is launching a planetary-wide
invasion to disrupt war production for the Confederacy of
Independent Systems, and capture the Separatist leaders hiding in
the Geonosian catacombs. In spite of being hopelessly
outnumbered, Generals Kenobi and Unduli lead the Republic
offensive to capture the critical junction of Point Rain.
Junior General led part of the Republic forces...they held on until the bitter end. He had a blast when hi sJedi took out 27 enemy before falling.

Republic strong point

Jedi Generals planning an attack

Jedi Junior in the Minecraft Creeper shirt

Ki Adi Mundi takes out 27 enemy!