Wednesday, November 29, 2023

November 2023

 I have now been in the hobby as an adult for 15 years. Figure I have another 30 good years in me :)

Alost done the two additional units for my Slaughterloo project...just have to base this weekend, so they will count in December. 

I also have 25 generic dark age warriors for the fantasy 28mm project ready for over Christmas.

Sold off the 6mm sci fi project...again. I could not muster the motivation and my concept was just not coming together. Never again. 

Had a Star Wars space game at the club with a guest game master. Thanks to Dave/Hawk for hosting us. 

I also have the what may be the final game of my current Slaughterloo campaign on the table at home. 


0 completed



1 x club game of Star Wars.

YTD: 10


$10 primer

Sold $170

YTD: $2420

(Sold: $2750)