Friday, January 26, 2024

January 2024

Played two games of Memior'44 at the club. Fast paced games of the D-Day big battle scenarios. Germans won both games.

Finished two batches of generic 28mm fantasy warriors. I then have a group of sci fi figures and some Burrows and Badgers animals in the queue. 

I'm waiting for the release of the plastic Quar figures and the next B&B kickstarter. 

I also got in a solo game of my generic fantasy exploration game. 


54 x 28mm Generic warriors

Total: 54

YTD: 54


1 x Club game of Memior '44 (two rounds, I am counting as one game)

1 x Solo fantasy game

YTD: 2



YTD: $0

(Sold: $440)

Monday, January 1, 2024

Yule Time Peace Treaty

The Unionist forces near Tenterfeld find themselves almost surrounded by superior Associates brigades. The Associates have an opportunity to destroy the Unionist main body in the final game of my Slaughterloo solo campaign. 

Unionist commander says "NUTS!"

Strong position on the river line, but both flanks are under pressure. 

Early clashes cause losses to both forces. 

The river will be hard to breach. 

Joccian cavalry are routed by opposing militia!

Holding the flank. 

Pressure increases. 

The Manicotti Line are routed in their first engagement (but rally later to hold the center!)

Associate cavalry move to cut off the Unionist line of retreat. 

An opportunity to cross the river is fleeting. 

Militia are routed.

Albion cavalry charge the Al-Gharvey defenders. 

The defense is holding but the line of retreat is blocked. 

Could this be disaster?

Holding out.

Unionist cavalry start to counter attack. 

They defeat the Associate cavalry on both flanks. 

Heroes are made this day. 

The road west is reopened!

Todoroni hold at the river, causing heavy casualties. 

The Goblins of Al-Gharvey do the same, but one regiment is forced to surrender. 

Todoroni militia hold the line. 

Supported by the Guard on the flank.

Flanks are holding.

The sun is setting. 

A parley on the bridge, almost surrounded Unionist force will be allowed to withdraw with all honors of war. Peace breaks out on Christmas day.