Friday, January 26, 2024

January 2024

Played two games of Memior'44 at the club. Fast paced games of the D-Day big battle scenarios. Germans won both games.

Finished two batches of generic 28mm fantasy warriors. I then have a group of sci fi figures and some Burrows and Badgers animals in the queue. 

I'm waiting for the release of the plastic Quar figures and the next B&B kickstarter. 

I also got in a solo game of my generic fantasy exploration game. 


54 x 28mm Generic warriors

Total: 54

YTD: 54


1 x Club game of Memior '44 (two rounds, I am counting as one game)

1 x Solo fantasy game

YTD: 2



YTD: $0

(Sold: $440)

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