Thursday, July 28, 2022

July 2022

A mixed month in the hobby...I missed the club game day and have done less painting due to having COVID early in the month, but I did still get to go to Historicon.

Plan for August: Finish the horses for the Elf force for Slaughterloo and start on some of the renewed 28mm fantasy project (enough to game 5 Leagues).


9 x sci fi figures: 9 points

30 x Slaughterloo figures: 30 points


YTD: 452


1 x Burrows and Badgers

7 x games at Historicon

YTD: 17


$1200 at Historicon :( and 2 of the 7TV rules set boxes

YTD: $1720

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Historicon 2022

 I attended Historicon for three days in Lancaster, PA. Spent way too much but I did get in 7 games.

Attendance looked a little light but I think we rebound post COVID next year. A few companies missing from the dealer hall. There were a good number of kids and younger folks. 

I did not find any real bargains and a bust at the flea market.

One of the game masters mentioned a hobby store within an hour so I need to try that for my supplies. 

I was searching for the full set of 7TV game boxes but no luck...and my quest for relatively cheap 28mm trees failed. There is one dealer with great terrain products, but too expensive for now. Maybe I will get supplies and build my own. 

I played 7 games...all well done with enthusiastic game masters. Peter, AJ, Joe, Buck, Bruce, Konstantine, and Chris. I need to run a game when I retire to give back. 

No parking or hotel issues on my end but I always jump on getting on site lodging as soon as it opens. Plenty of food in the area. No traffic issues from NJ to Lancaster (2h ride for me). 

A WWII special operations game using the Doctor Who (7TV 1st ed?) rules. Fun game and great table.

A Star Wars game using the card driver Combat Patrol rules. Another great game and some of my go to rules. I bought the Feudal Patrol version for my renewed 28mm fantasy project.

My clones getting overrun.

A game in 1982 Angola using IABSM. Fast playing with lots of action. The use of blinds really highlighted the asynchronous nature of the game. 

Lots going on...but we destroyed the objective at the last minute. 

Chain of Command in Crete. This table won an award, and it was a great game by Joe. I will try to link up with his group in the Phili area since the are Lard America!

3mm invasion of Malta  hypothetical. An incredible map and a labor of love by the gamemaster. 

Battle of Monmouth with the unpublished computer driven Electric Brigadier rules. Each player makes entries on a tablet, making the game move along quickly. Very impressive. 


I led the NJ regiments to victory. 

The highlight of every Historicon, Peter A's Napoleonic game with Field of Battle 3ed. 9 of the 10 players had some FOB experience, great group of folks and the game came down to the wire with morale chips passing back and forth. The Austrians defeated us in the end!

I sold off a very similar project last year because of lack of vision/direction...I have corrected that and time to get gluing some plastic (and the great female warriors from Bad Squido.)

Sunday, July 10, 2022

A part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor ---- a Burrows and Badgers campaign game

Sinjon Stinkwater led a daring attack on the Hired Paw held village of Warren Percy, striking a blow for freedom loving creatures but at the loss of a key ally, the rebel shrew.

[I'm down with COVID and missed the club game yesterday.]

The rebels attack the south-east part of the village

Sir Barkley attacks teh shrew baker that just took out Cost Cheeswiz

Sinjon sneaks up on Ron Weasley

The rebels take some early hits from magic and long range crossbow fire

The rebels pounce on Fiona the Rabbit archer

Barkley is on a roll

Osh Cheeswiz is the next victim

Sinjon smacks Ron around upstairs

Sir Barkley comes around the house to confront the rebels, Elsbet strikes him with a sling stone

Unfair fight

Enraged, the hound drops the cheeky Otter lass

While Bitsy finishes off Osh

Barkley drops Legartha, but the enemies keep coming

Sinjon is on the way!


Tug slinks off to fight another day.

Next up, "Stand and Deliver" scenario.