Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

No games or painting this month, but I did finish the texturing/flocking of my entire imagi-nation army. Took longer than expected in man-hours, but I had put it off long enough.

In other news, I will miss Historicon next year because of work...good news it will be the end of a two-year military education course on 22 July 2016.


none (Junior General did play one game with a friend)

$30.69 for the month and $604 year to date. This is $296 under budget for the year. I have a large budget for Historicon next month with a few planned purchases. Most of the expense goes to travel, hotel, and food...I include that in my budget for the year.

1- Pirates: Struggling to get started...but I am determined.
2- Texture/flock Imagi-Nation figures: Done!
3- Historicon: two weeks to go.
4- Cut spending 20%: well ahead of my target.
5- Small additions to existing projects: none, but started a Pulp project.
6- Fantasy Rules: did some work on my home version of FoB/HR.
7- Next Project: Pulp snuck up on me.
8- Lead Mountain: Painted everything I purchased, slow work on the Pirates.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Grand Army of the Kingdom of Katzenstein

(updated 31 December 2016) A milestone for the year and for my Katzenstein project...after must procrastination, I finished texturing/flocking all the bases to bring my entire miniature collection to a single standard. Nothing fancy, but the flock matches my game table.

The entire army in all its glory

Unit totals:
Infantry: 85
Cavalry: 26

1- Liebgarde Grenadier Regiment, Gd
2- Countessa Genessa Foot Velite de Garde Regiment, Gd
3- Prince Noah Petite Garde Regiment, Gd
4- Eiffelberg Grenadier Regiment, Gr
5- Gekko Grotto Grenadier Regiment, Gr
6- Gwark Isle Grenadier Regiment, Gr
7- Mount Crumpit Geibergs Regiment, R
8- Zoomba-Na-Tant Geibergs Regiment, R
9- Mount Zorn Geibergs Regiment, R
10- Oif Provisional Marine Regiment, R
11- Lake Winna Bongo Provisional Marine Regiment, R
12- Provisional Naval Landing Party, R
13- Whoville Volunteer Musketeer Regiment, R
14- Hartuh Mawtch Musketeer Regiment, R
15- Hifferback Highland Regiment, R
16- Loyal Legion of Estrangers, R
17- Herk-Heimer Fusilier Regiment, R
18- Terwilliger Tirailleur Regiment, R
19- Vavode Voltigeur Regiment, R
20- Bumm Ridge Flanquer Regiment, R
21- Fopswich Flanquer Regiment, R
22- Salamasond Shutzen Regiment, R-Rfl
23- Finnigen Fen Feld-Jager Regiment, R-Rfl
24- Jorn Jungle Jager Regiment, R-Rfl
25- Zind Janissierie Regiment, Irg
26- Nantaket Wilds Border Regiment, Irg
27- Pomplemoose Pass Pandour Regiment, Irg
28- McElliot's Friekorps, Irg
29- Tobsk Tribe Regiment, Irg
30- Boola Boo Ball Landwehr Regiment, Mlt
31- Bunglebug Bridge Landwehr Regiment, Mlt
32- Mulberry Militia Regiment, Mlt
33- Mercedd Militia Regiment, Mlt
34- Yerka Isle Yeomanry Regiment, Mlt
35- Yupster Yeomanry Regiment, Mlt
36- Flobbertown Veteran Fencible Regiment, Mlt
37- Royal Rouge Customs Constable Regiment, 2nd R
38- Royal Bleu Border Constable Regiment, 2nd R
39- Dookles Deserter Battalion, 2nd R
40- Roover River Cadet Ranger Regiment, 2nd R
41- Sneeches Seminary Regiment, R
42-Grinch Garrison Regiment, Gar
43- Garbledrum Garrison Regiment, Gar
44- Poozers Pioneer Regiment, Pio
45- Zooks Zouaves Regiment, R
46- Fuddle Fusilier Regiment, R
47- Gee Hossa Ehat Guarda de Costa Regiment, 2nd R
48- Nizzonds Volunteer Privateer Regiment, Irg
49- His Majesty's Native Infantry, Metedeconk, Irg
50- His Majesty's Native Infantry, Manasquan, Irg
51- Northern Counties Militia, Mlt
52- Southern Counties Militia, Mlt
53- Eastern Counties Militia, Mlt
54- Western Counties Militia, Mlt
55- Capital Regional Militia , Mlt
56- Coastal Regional Militia , Mlt
57- Ooblek Sappers and Miners, Pio
58- Saint Polycarp Musketeers, R
59- Saint Rose Musketeers, R
60- Saint Clement Musketeers, R
61- Saint Aloysius Light Infantry, R
62- Saint Basil Grenadiers, Gr
63- Foxin-Sox Fusiliers, R
64- Hortonhearsahoo Fusiliers, R
65- Geisel Grenzers, R
66- Merlichetic Musketeers, R
67- Jackson Jager, R-Rfl
68- Prince Noah's Own Light Foot, R- Rfl
69- The Duchess of Bartley, Viva's Own Guard Grenadiers, Gd
70- Rio de Argenta Colonial Regiment
71- Ghanta Sepoys
72- Cacao Coast Colonial Regiment
73- Bak Choi Colonial Regiment
74- Kokimo Colonial Regiment
75- Queen's Colonial Rangers
76- Jersey Colonial Garrison Regiment
77- Thorndale Colonial Garrison Regiment
78- Ataturk Mercenary Regiment
79- Carlisle Barracks Garrison Regiment
80- Madison Musketeers
81- Vegas Voltigeurs
82- Saxe-Bearstein Memorial Fusiliers
83- Lawrenceville Fusiliers
84- Sha-Na-Na Mercenary Regiment
85- Goorkamorka Gurkha Regiment
86- Vega Baja Musteteers
87- Otterford Musteteers ***

1- Garde du Korps
2- Cavalrie Regiment de Pupilles
3- Zweiback Garde du Honneur
4- Krock Kavern Kurassiers
5- Krupp Kurassiers
6- Culpepper Carabiniers
7- Vail Valley Dragoons
8- Wah Hoo Hussars
9- Hinkle Horn Hussars
10- Hippono-Hungus Hussars
11- Boober Bay Uhlans
12- Prax Praire Cossacks
13- Drize Loyal Mamelukes
14- Lorax Lancers
15- Jivvanese Jagers zu Pferde
16- Ronk Ruin Rough Riders
17- Valing Valley Chassuers a Chevel
18- West Bunglefield Chevau-legers
19- Dutter Dragoons
20- Catin-Hatt Curassier
21- Ish Irregulars
22- Herk-Heimer Heavy Horse
23- Doft Dragoons
24- Keck Kurassier
25- Saint George Horse Guard
26- Westfield Dragoons

1-King Yertle of Katzenstein
2-The Queen, Countessa Genessa
3-Prince Noah
4-Princess Maizie
5-Cindy-Lou, adopted daughter
6-Marshal Mordecai Ali Van Allen O’Shea
7-Lieutenant General Herman Von Stroodel
8-Lieutenant General Einstein Van Tass
9-Major General Gregory Grumm
10-Major General Johan Van Fleck: efficient, aggressive, respected
11-Major General Carmichael Krox
12-Major General Angus McPhail
14-Brigadier General Sylvester McMonkey McBean: poor, cautious, unpopular
15-Brigadier General Bart Cubbins: poor, bold, respected
16-Brigadier General Michael Van Itch: poor, charismatic, accepted
17-Brigadier General Gerald McClay: highly efficient, charismatic, brutal
18-Brigadier General Herby Hart
19-Brigadier General Alexander Van Nuys: efficient, daring, inspiring
20-Brigadier General Harry Hadow
21-Brigadier General Gerald McGrew
22-Colonel Vlad Koff
23-Colonel Morris McGurk
24-Colonel Conrad Cornelius O’Donald O’Dell
25-Colonel Ali Sad
26-Admiral Buxbaum, Lake Winna Bango Squadron
27-Admiral Bixby, Boober Bay Squadron
28-Admiral Bray, Ocean of Oif Squadron
29- Bishop-General Von Finkelstein
30-Dr Derring, Royal Physician
Miss Sneetcher, Royal Librarian
Mr Finch the Royal Florist
Gertrude McFuzz, Royal Cook
Mrs McRove, Royal Laundress
Nadd, Royal Apothecary
Dr Malone, Royal Dentist
Dr Sam Snell, Royal Podiatrist
Fanny Schultz, Royal Pastry Chef
Mr Bix, Royal Hunt Master
Mr Potter, Royal Gardener
Professor de Breeze, Royal Academy of Arts
Mr Horton, Royal Zookeeper
Mr McMunch, Royal Food Tester
Chief Drum Majorette Miz Zockie Ann Sue

6 x Field Artillery Batteries
Assorted Field and Siege Guns
Medical Corps with Ambulances
Caissons and Limbers
Pack Animal Corps

Princess Maizie's Merican Light Dragoons
Kafiristan Lancers
Eagle Scouts
Artie + Family

Monday, June 1, 2015

Katzenstein Reinforcements

The Army of Katzenstein has been at peace for a few years. The King has taken his time in re-equipping and reinforcing the army.

The incorporation of the Northern realms into the kingdom continues with some additions to the King's infantry forces.

The Merlichetic Musketeers (IR 66)

Jackson Jagers (IR 67)

Prince Noah's Light Foot (IR 68)
The bottom two units are from July 2014. Painted up for skirmish gaming, but they have not seen the table. I may re-base to my 4 base standard. The Merlichetic Musketeers are the first group I painted to start the Pirate project...they are now re-purposed to this project.