Monday, March 29, 2021

March 2021


A great hobby month. Lots of painting, sold off 3 projects, play tested some rules, joined a club, and kept spending in check. 

I sold off my 1/300 WW2 aircraft, space ships, and 15mm some surplus buildings, magazines, books, and terrain. I am considering what I will do with the money...I want to reinvest in one of my current projects.

I think I will also sell off the large 15mm sci fi collection. 

Reserved my room for Historicon in November.

Joccian (Rats)

Sorting the next force...Orcs

6mm sci fi test game


19 x mounted, 60 x dismounted Slaughterloo: 98 points

-I will base these when I finish the next two units in April. 


1 x 6mm sci fi (several iterations of test game)


$131 = $27 on7TV rules, $4 TMP, $30 Dues, $70 paint

$131 YTD

SOLD: $1000

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