Tuesday, April 26, 2022

April 2022 Update

A banner month for painting! I did not make the club game this month but things look good for May and June. 


141 x Slaughterloo figures: 141 points

Total: 141

YTD: 305

---Two months and I will be done the dog forces...6 x 18 figure units to go. That will leave me the elves and dwarves over the next 18 months. 


2 x Burrows and Badgers

Total: 2

YTD: 5


$200 on Slaughterloo figures to fill out two forces, rule book

YTD: $480

I am preparing to sell off the excess Slaughterloo figures to recoup some funds. I also still plan to seel a large portion of my 15mm MBA buildings. 


  1. Lovely work on your dog forces, nice to see some Saxehunde grenadiers, they are lovely figures.

  2. Donnie, they are great…I like the mass of advancing bayonets.