Sunday, June 12, 2022

The Canine Wars - Black Powder Fantasy with Slaughterloo figures

 Begun, The Canine Wars Have!

As it happens, from time to time, the nations of Uropa find that a time of peace is no longer advantageous. To break the recent peace, the combined dog nations that are members of the Unionist Alliance have taken offense at the independent city state of Sharpsborg's intent to join the Northern Associates. A casus belli found, forces from all over the continent mobilize for war.

Brigade contingents mobilize as fast as they can, on an imprecise timetable, resulting in piecemeal commitment to the central Sharpsborg theatre. After some initial minor skirmishes near between Burovian and Saxhunde forces, four brigades from each alliance have come to grips to the West of Sharpsborg.

The Unionist forces are on the offensive, intending to push the Associates away from the city and to take the central position. The Associate forces seek to hold the line to allow reinforcements from the North-west and North-east to consolidate around the city.

This is the opening battle in the ongoing campaigns using the black powder fantasy figures from Alternative Armies' Flintloque/Slaughterloo range. This game is played our using the new Soldiers of Napoleon card driven rules.

The battlefield from the Unionist position

The Unionist Pudigroan infantry brigade attacks the hill

Some initial success

An Associate Ogre cavalry brigade is coming to stabilize the flank

Unionist Ostarian cavalry face off with some Ogre infantry

The lancers rashly charge the steady Ogre infantry


Artillery in support


Ostarian Cuirassiers defeat the Orc Hussars

The battle is in full swing

Pudigroan troops prepare for a second attack

The Ostarian heavies are earning their pay

Taking the guns!

Rifle Orcs get hit in the flank

Heavies at it again

Third attack to take the hill

Despite holding the line, the Associates are getting nervous with the Union cavalry threatening to break through the center

Both forces are feeling the pain

Orc heavies pushed back

Pud Grenadiers hold the hill

Briefly...they face massed rifle and musket fire!

The Associates quit the field....21 to 18 on VPs....very close. 

The [blue]Associates fall back, abandoning the city.

Despite winning the battle and occupying the city, the Unionists are now outnumbered

More troops are headed for the center

A fun game. The card driven rules created a few dramatic moments and helped with solo play. The Associates almost held the field and did cause more casualties....but the Ostarian Cuirassiers saved the day for the Unionists. 


  1. Great looking battle, interesting rules, and a Warplan 5/5 Campaign! What's not to like?!

  2. Super looking game, really enjoyed poring over the pictures, so many lovely looking figures, great stuff!

  3. That's awesome! A wonderful looking battle and a cool campaign setup.

  4. This was a fun battle…came down to the last turn…I thought the defenders had it all game.