Sunday, January 15, 2023

The liberation of Warren Percy Continues

Warren Percy is aflame! The brave otter, Sinjon Stinkwater and his band of merry and furry comrades liberated more of the occupied village of Warren Percy.

Sir Barkley's depleted and bruised warband could not hold back the tide of freedom, but he did strike down a nasty shrew pirate that tried to block his way. The not so noble hound also left the sly fox archer, Demelza Dare, with only one good eye.

A calm has fallen oven the village during a weekend of religious holidays.

The outskirts of the village near the mausoleum.

Barkley kills the shrew pirate.

The mage, Tug McCaw, blasts the village with fire.

Bitsy and Legartha charge Fiona Honeycomb the archer (who is already injured and can't use her bow)

Barkley is savage! (d20 strike dice)

Cosh can't hold out against Elsbet and the Frog Mayor.

Double team on the poor Rabbit.

Sinjon smacks Tug around upstairs.

Barkley comes for his next victim, Demelza.

Side show struggle.

Tug is smited!

And Demelza falls next.

Fiona is the third to fall in the turn.

When Cosh is downed, Sir Barkley calls for a retreat. Half of Warren Percy has been liberated.