Sunday, July 7, 2024

Third strike for the Coftyrans

The Crusader Marines won a Pyrrhic victory over the defending Catrawd of the 78th Honorable Exploration Society Of Coftyran (HESOC) led by Caerten Sieffre Glyn.

A great game using modified Chain of Command rules for my Quar. After a few games, the balance is coming together.

Coftyran dice rolling was better this game, but still average. Being the defenders, they kept the Crusaders at a distance longer and caused heavy casualties before they could close the range to maximize their automatic weapons. I made the mistake of deploying the RCO without a nearby section to share the casualties/shock...they were sent routing quickly by a deploying Crusader MG team.

Crusaders made great use of smoke from the Sprogen launchers. I gave each of the three in action a total of six rounds... two each of AP, HE, and smoke. They used up the HE and smoke. I adjusted the HE to firepower 2 instead of 3.
I also adjusted both side's LMGs to be 3 Quar teams firing at 8/6/4 dice as the team is reduced. 

I am also thinking about changing the crusader section to be Junior Leader, 2 instead of 3 Ryshi's , and 7 Bogens to make two even teams. 

May have some other force structure changes as new elements are fielded. 
Looking forward to more Quar!

This is a probe scenario for Chain of Command. Came down to a very close game...Coftyran's had 3 morale points, Crusaders 2 (and heavier casualties) when a Crusader section stormed ahead ordered by their is-Caerten. The close range fire broker the Coftyran section, routing them from the field with a JL and SL. 


-28 Out of Action
-Senior Leader WIA, Junior Leader KIA
-3 Routed

-17 Out of Action
-Junior Leader WIA
-6 Routed

Coftyran's defending a bombed out hamlet.

RCO gun gets shot up early.

Defending section moves to a better position.

Crusader base of fire in a great position with LMG and launcher team.


1st advancing section gets shot up.

Great position in the ruins.

2nd probing section gets caught in the open.

Five rounds, Rapid!

Pressing on.

Defenders deploy in the orchard.

Bloody fire fight.

Very effective smoke.

Two sections vs one...this got deadly.


1st section breaks, is the advance stopped?

2nd LMG team lays down fire.

Section in the orchard breaks, but they made the Crusaders pay.

This platoon is getting torn to shreds.

No joy on this flank.

2nd try to break the left.

Things are getting desperate.

Massacre in the open.

Redeploying to cover the flank...will they get their in time?

No! the section holding the woods breaks...dropping force morale to 0!

Medals of Valor all around!

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