Thursday, April 29, 2021

April 2021

Made my reservation for Historicon. 

Big month of selling and reinvesting into another project. I have trimmed the collection to 6 playable projects, with 2 more smaller projects to be painted. Still have half the Slaughterloo collection to be painted, and I need to inventory the huge amount of 15mm fantasy lead on hand. 

I feel good about trimming the collection of terrain, figures, and books/rules. It cut my number of projects in half...which should allow some focus and getting each project on the table more frequently. A 2022 goal will be to have a game with every project. 


36 x Slaughterloo infantry: 36 Points

----also finished 35 horses, riders to be done in May


1 x FOB3 Slaughterloo Campaign battle


$21 on Burrows and Badgers book, $1000! on Burrows and Badgers figures, $705! in card terrain (entire battle system fantasy range), $65 unit markers, $51 paint.

$1973 YTD 

SOLD: $3000

NET: + $1027


  1. Wow! Guess I'll have to break out my B&B stuff and get a warband together.

  2. Very disciplined to be ahead on selling versus purchasing.

  3. Brian, I have the whole B&B collection on order...they are casting new figures for the kickstarter, so I expect another month for delivery.

  4. Some big numbers there, Tim. Glad to see you'll be attending Historicon in November.

    What did you finally wind up selling off?