Monday, May 31, 2021

May 2021

Good hobby month despite switching positions at work. We will see how things go in June. My painting goal is more modest...just 20 figures. 

Orc (British) Cavalry and Leaders

I sold off several collections: Space Ships, 1/300 WW2 Aircraft, Zombies, 28 mm Fantasy, 15mm Sci Fi, 6mm sci fi, some building and books. I still have a huge lot of magazines and I could sell off many of the 15mm MBA buildings on hand. 

I feel good about selling things off...I hope to jump start focusing on getting more games with what I kept....the remaining projects:

1- 28 mm Slaughterloo

2- 15mm Imagination

3- 15mm WW2

4- 28mm AVBCW

5- 28mm Pulp

6- 15mm Fantasy

7- 28mm Burrows and Badgers (figures on the way)

8- 28mm Albedo Sci Fi


35 x Slaughterloo cav: 70 Points


1 x AVBCW game with Combat Patrol

Next up...I think I will set up for 15mm Fantasy


$25 on HMGS dues


SOLD: $5000 YTD

NET: + $3002


  1. Well that's pretty solidly in the black this year, Tim!

  2. Oh, I forgot... what about the position change at work?

  3. Peter, I changed military positions...may come with a promotion. Fingers crossed!I'll be focused on the COVID response for the rest of the summer.

    1. That sounds great, I'll keep my fingers crossed on the promtion!

      My dad retired from the Reserves (Army Corps of Engineers) when he received his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, and my sister retired from the Army JAG Corps as a Colonel, although she still works for the DoD in Washington as a civilian doing essentially the same job... the Colonel title definitely helps there!