Saturday, June 19, 2021

A VBCW game

AVBCW game using the Combat Patrol card driven rules. 

The BUF presence in the area has grown unacceptable. The River Otter Valley Local Defense Brigade (ROVLDB) decides to take action. 

"Red" Kate and her bands of ill trained socialists will pin down the enemy while Lady Otterford leads her chosen troops around the flank along the hedge lined drainage ditch. They hope to 1) eliminate the BUF machinegun position in the old Roman ruins, 2) ambush any reinforcements coming from the north, and 3) take some prisoners they can use to exchange for some of their own captured friends. 

Looking north towards the BUF position on the hill amongst the old Roman ruins.

The view from the MG position.

Kate's troops set up a base of fire but draw lots of heavy return fire.

All three sections pour on the fire to suppress the BUF on the hill.

Lady Otterford's commandos sneak along the flank.

Kate's troops get impatient and some rush the MG...taking heavy casualties [this was from a morale result in Combat Patrol]

Lady Otterford's section devastates the BUF reinforcements.

While the second section attacks the camp looking for prisoners. 

Taking two POWs, they decide to pull back.

The BUF reinforcements are done for.

Two objectives complete.

Although suppressed, the remaining BUF troops establish a defense around the MG position. 

Lady Otterford gives the signal to withdraw. 

Two out of three ain't bad.

Lady Otterford's plan worked. They caused heavy BUF casualties, took two prisoners, and scared the survivors even if the MG remained operational. "Red" Kate's troops took some losses, but they held in the face heavy fire.

BUF losses: 16




2xMIA (1 wounded, both turned up at HQ later)


ROVLDB losses: 11



1xMIA (turned up later)

3xWIA/MIA (1xDOW, 2x returned later)


  1. Nice looking game, Tim, and I loved the otterly references!

  2. My wife thinks I am crazy...she saw me on google maps looking at Otterford, UK :)