Tuesday, June 29, 2021

June 2021

Half way through the year. Good painting progress, OK on the game front, and the big sell off will help for the next two years on the fiscal front.

Waiting on my Burrows and Badgers order to arrive. I will then intersperse painting them with the large Slaughterloo project. 

Goals for rest of the year:

1) finish 180 Slaughterloo infantry

2) paint two B&B warbands (20 figures?)

3) put together remaining card terrain

4) attend Historicon

5) Keep spending <$600 plus Historicon costs

6) Play 4 games plus Historicon

Slaughterloo Orc (British) artillery, leaders, and civilians


1- 28 mm Slaughterloo: Will play the next game when I finish the Orcs (Brits)...target is end of the year. Starting the infantry (180 figures) in July. 

2- 15mm Imagination: No plans right now. 

3- 15mm WW2: No plans right now. 

4- 28mm AVBCW: No additions planned, the last game was fun with Combat Patrol. 

5- 28mm Pulp: I think this will be the next game after a 15mmfantasy game. 

6- 15mm Fantasy: Huge load of lead in the bin, time for a game. Still tinkering with my rules. 

7- 28mm Burrows and Badgers (figures on the way): Next to join the painting tray. 

8- 28mm Albedo Sci Fi: Will get the rest of the figures and start this after completing the B&B project.


12 x Slaughterloo Artillery men, 8 x civilians, 2 guns, 1 cart: : 23 Points

YTD: 420



YTD: 4

Next up...I think I will set up for 15mm Fantasy



$1998 YTD 

SOLD: $5000 YTD

NET: + $3002

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  1. That's quite a bottom line on the sale of the surplus collections, Tim!