Friday, July 30, 2021

July 2021

Great painting and gaming month...and only spent $15! Played a solo game and attended my first in person game with the South Jersey Gamers Association. Very fun game of 1939 Bolt Action. 

Painted up 5 Slaughterloo units...5 more Orc units to go for my 2021 goal. 

Prepped 12 Burrows and Badgers figures (and 4 scenery pieces).

Loaded all the Slaughterloo units into the Carnage and Glory computer moderated rules....I think I may use them for the next campaign.

5 Orc units


5 x 18 figure Slaughterloo units: 90 points

YTD: 510


1 x 15mm fantasy hex based home brew rules

1 x 28mm Bolt Action at the club

YTD: 6

Next up...????


$45, paint and rules update

$2043 YTD 

SOLD: $5000 YTD

NET: + $2957

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