Friday, September 1, 2023

August 2023

 A second round of COVID kept me away from the club game this month. This was especially disappointing since I missed Historicon due to work last month.

I did get in some good painting time and a large battle in my Fantasy Black Powder campaign.

Spending was OK...but I have been tempted by yet another project. I jumped into 28mm sci Fi Quar figures (grim dark WW1 type sci fi) from Zombiesmith. I posted my interest on TMP, and received 25 figures for free from another gamer...and bought a batch of 30.

28mm generic fantasy figures, all done with speedpaints. This is another reboot project (like the 6mm sci fi). I will start with 5 Leagues from the Borderlands, then build up into some larger skirmish games with Feudal Patrol. I envision it as an exploration, kingdom building game with lite RPG elements.

I have to decide if I start the 6mm sci fi project reboot, next batch of Albedo figures, or start on the Quar.


85 x 28mm fantasy figures: 85 points



1x Slaughterloo

YTD: 8


$90 on figures and glue

YTD: $2220

(Sold: $2500)

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