Tuesday, October 31, 2023

October 2023

I made the club game this month, and made progress on the large batch of 6mm sci fi figures, but nothing complete yet.

I sold off the metal 28mm Quar figures I recently bought....going to reinvest into the plastic figures when they are released. 

Limited motivation on the 6mm sci fi right now, so I am going to paint the two new units of Slaughterloo figures during Thanksgiving week as a change of pace.


0 completed



1 x club game of Rapid Fire in the Arab-Israeli war

YTD: 9


$120 on a birthday splurge on two units for the Slaughterloo project 

Sold $80

YTD: $2410

(Sold: $2580)

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  1. You're still in the net gain column for the year financially. The Slaughterloo units sound like a good project for this week!