Friday, March 1, 2024

Damn reds!

Lord Otterford is vexed. Very vexed. Despite all of his efforts to form the polyglot anti-fascist groups into a coherent fighting force, he is resisted at every turn...even in his own family! His sister "Red Kate", has gathered some Bolshevists under her socialist banner. These independent minded radicals have set up camp south of the Taunton Hills despite Lord Otterford's specific instructions. Determined to teach them a lesson, the good Lord has sent a platoon to rouse the buggers out and reestablish some semblance of order in the River Otter Valley. A sympathetic servant in the Lord's household has alerted the Reds and they move to meet the  Lord's enforcers.

This is a Chain of Command (from Too Fat Lardies) test game using my Very British Civil War figures. One of my most enjoyable games ever. I need to re-read the rules to check for my mistakes in play. 

Although it looked like things might go sour early, Lord Otterton's pal, Rhys Witherspoon, led the River Otter Valley Local Defense Brigade (ROVLDB) force to victory. The Reds suffered heavy losses including their Comrade Leader, all 3 squad leaders, a heavy machine gun, and their pride. 

ROVLDB Losses: 9

KIA- 1

H WIA- 3

L WIA- 1 Squad Leader, 4 Soldiers

Red Losses: 15

KIA- Senior Leader, Squad Leader, 1 Soldier= 3

H WIA- 2 Squad Leaders, 3 Soldiers= 5

L WIA- 4 Soldiers= 4

POW- 3 Soldiers=3

Things looked much closer for most of the game, and after the first few phases, I thought the ROVLDB was going to get shot up by the Reds in the hard cover of the building. 

A great flank attack led by Sergeant Major Willie Crumpet supported by the Lewis gun team on the hill won the day despite a disastrous last second charge into hand to hand combat that cost five casualties (doubling losses).

I called the game with the force morale at 8 to 2 (from 10 to 9 at the start). 

Reds advance from the hedge line as the LDB comes in the back corner.

Witherspoon and a squad get caught in the open as the Reds take the house.

Reds get a machinegun set on the small rise, pouring fire into the adjacent field.

Crumpet directs the Lewis Gun.

Two Red squads start to make a flank move...this proves to be a mistake in hindsight.

The machine gun gets suppressed.

LDB begins their own flank attack headed for a jump off point and the suppressed machine gun. 

Charge! the gun is overrun, three prisoners march to the rear.

Red flankers now find they are needed on the OTHER flank.

Witherspoon pulled back out of the exposed field, leaving four casualties. 

LDB wins the firefight against the Red Lewis team...killing their platoon leader in the process!

Couple of Reds head for home. 

Second squad joins the flank attack, led up by Crumpet.

We will be at Regiment.

Close range firefight goes the to the LDB...they had Witherspoon nearby to help and the Red squad leader was hit early...dying of his wounds.

Leader less, the Reds keep up the fight.

Crumpet consolidates the flank position. 

But one squad foolishly rushes the Reds and pays the price. 

Five of the seven attackers are casualties. 

Despite repulsing the LDB squad, the remaining Reds are leaderless and quit the field during a brief pause in the fighting. 

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