Tuesday, March 26, 2024

March 2024

A quiet month since I missed the club game, but I did get in a game of Chain of Command at home.

Finished a set of Burrows and Badgers figures (the last kickstarter); I am committed to painting the next kickstarter batch this year when they arrive and maybe one more group to work through the backlog.

Quar: Figures have arrived! This will be the focused project for the next few months. 

AVBCW with Chain of Command


21 x Burrows and Badgers figures

Total: 21

YTD: 96


1 x AVBCW with Chain of Command

YTD: 3



YTD: $357

(Sold: $440) +$83 for the year


  1. Very nice work on the Burrows and Badgers figure, some really characterful figures there. I am waiting for my boxed Quar set to arrive due this week, really looking forward to getting my hands on them!

  2. The Quar look great...I have been building a few every day this week.

  3. Doing better with the budget than I am! :-)