Sunday, April 28, 2024

April 2024

Nice work in the hobby in April.

Great Star Wars game at the club with a guest host that made up a ton of terrain for his campaign. Used the very interesting Star Wars RPG (Genesys system) with special dice. Accomplished the objective on the last roll of the dice. 

Finished the first wave of sci fi Quar figures...about a half company plus for each force. The 2nd wave are on the way...54 more figures. 

While I wait, I primed 19 more Burrows and Badgers figures. Will get the next kickstarter in July and paint them up this year. Working my way through the backlog.

Getting ready for 1st battle with the Quar


62 x 28mm Quar Sci fi figures

Total: x

YTD: 158


1 x Star Wars at the club

YTD: 4


$125 on more Quar

YTD: $482

(Sold: $440) -$42 for the year

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