Sunday, May 26, 2024

This Quar's War- Poor Milwer Madoc

Toulmore marines seized many of the small colonies on the southern continent, sending a wave of refugees into

Y Waldfa, the Gwent founded Coftyran Crown Colony. The war has destabilized the precarious colonial situation.

The rise of a religious rebellion by the indigenous Coch Golau Quar adds to the mayhem.

Commonly called “The Pincs” due to their peculiar skin hue from eating mass quantities of the local shrimp,

the locals are restless. With all nations focused on the war at home, it falls to a mixed bag of ad hoc formations

to wage a low level campaign to control the distant colonies.

The Coftyran 44th Provisional Fusilier Brigade Field Force is responsible for the defense of Y Waldfa.

Caerten Sieffre Glyn has led a Catrawd of the 78th Honorable Exploration Society Of Coftyran (HESOC)

out of Porth Madryn and across the Dol Afron into no-Quar-land.

Keeping a small force under his direct command to guard the crossing, he has sent two understrength sections

to investigate reports of a Crusader supply cache.

Reports of Coftyran forces south of the river has brought a response from a weak Catrawd

of the 50th Toulmore Special Marine Expeditionary Force.

My first game with the new Quar figures using the Combat Patrol card driven rules. 

Supply cache with a small guard force in the center...Toulmore Marine reinforcements are on the way.

The 78th troops set up a base of fire and start the action at long range. Milwer Madoc takes out the Marine on guard duty. 

The whims of war...return fire drops Milwer Iwan Madoc.

The Coftyran's move up more troops but their fire is generally ineffective.

The Marine is-Caerten and his Quar are under heavy fire but holding steady.

Reinforcements make a flank move into the pumpkin patch. 

While others close the range to make their Bogen's and Ryshi's more effective. 

Each side is trying to gain fire superiority.

Flank covered by a squad in the woods. 

A prisoner snatch team rushes forward.

A second member of the guard team falls. 

Firefight on the flank.

Marines in the pumpkin patch get shot up.

The snatch team is caught in a crossfire with two Quar down.

Crusader reinforcements move into the supply point.

With casualties mounting (5) and no prisoners in hand, the 78th's troops pull back. 

A fantastic battle. Despite having a massive advantage early on, the Coftyran's could not get the hits they needed. Once the Crusaders arrived with their shorter ranged, but higher rate of fire weapons, the tide turned. 


78th HESOC: 5

M. Iwan Madoc- Light wound!

Light wound, POW--- snatch team

Light wound, POW--- snatch team

Heavy wound


50th Toulmore Marines: 5

3x Light wound

1x Heavy wound (supply guard)

1x KIA


  1. Super looking game and nice to see Quar on the table.

  2. It’s Donnie,can’t seem to log in today!