Saturday, November 10, 2018

October 2018

Great progress on the Very British Civil War front. Finished a group of about 60, and started another. I also finished priming/prepping the remaining figures on hand that will take me out to June. I also prepared all the Litko bases for the whole batch. Mindless work, but will save me some time down the road.

I played my zombie Pulp Alley game...very nice. Flowed well and went very quickly.

The Queen Victoria Veterans' Association, serving as the honor guard for the standard of the River Otter Valley Local Defense Brigade

Some of the crew of HMS Hussar, a Halcyon class minesweeper, that was damaged off the coast of Otterford. 

Elements of the Postal Protection Patrol.

A squad from the Firefighters Field Force.

Police Field Force members.

Police Auxiliary Forces working South of Taunton.

62 x 28mm AVBCW figures: 62 points
TOTAL: 62 points

1 x Pulp Alley (Zombie)

$20 on Pulp Alley cards and scenario

Ten years on

November is upon me and it has now been ten years since I started painting while deployed to Iraq. Lots of fun, some frustration, and an ever-expanding miniatures collection.

Things certainly unfolded differently than when I first started this all as a diversion. Many projects in genres I never thought I would have any interest...lots more money spent than I would like to admit, and many wonderful games played.

I like setting some goals/plans each year so lets think about the next ten years...

1) Finish the AVBCW project in 2019
2) Fill in the final parts of the 6mm sci-fi project
3) Decide if I want to add any wooden warriors to that small project
4) Continue the 15mm fantasy project...tons of lead on hand. This is my open ended opus project
5) Start the Slaughterloo project with the massive amount of Alternative Armies figures I bought this year on a very expensive whim.
6) Game more
7) Attend more conventions...this will be a major goal once I retire.
8) Keep spending in check
9) Don't start any new projects
10) Add to the terrain collection

I will check in on these long term plans on my annual hobby round up post.
The first figures I painted...Whoville Musketeers for the imagi-nations project

My latest figures...regulars for the AVBCW project

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Dawn of the Zed with Pulp Alley

I played my first game with the Zombie figures I painted this year. I used the fantastic Pulp Alley rules with some minor modifications, and played solo.

Zombies are 3d6 Brawl, do not dodge, no shooting, and have no other statistics. They do not try to block hits. They move 6" in the direction they are facing at the end of the turn unless a person is in sight within 12"...then they rush and attack. They can't rush through perilous areas (but are otherwise unaffected by perilous areas except blasts and bursts), and can't rush across terrain obstacles (such as walls, fences, hillsides, into buildings). Zombies are Level 2, they get a recovery check when down, they have d6 health. Zeds move last in order of closest to furthest from a survivor. If a zed kills a survivor, place a new zed at start of next turn in same location.

Zombie generation (for a basic scavenge scenario):
1) Start- multiply the value on the bottom left of the 2 fortune cards. Place the zombies randomly.
2) End of Turn- add another set of zombies by multiplying 2 cards.
3) Perilous Areas- Instead of taking hits for failing a challenge in a perilous area, add a number of zombies in place of the number of hits on the card. Put in contact with the figure.
4)Plot Point- For every die that fails during a plot point attempt, place a zombie 6" away.
5)Noise (shoot, shout, explosions...)- add 1 card draw worth at the table edge closest to the sound.

Plot Points: There are 5 plot points in the scavenge scenario. The main point generates a reward and a fellow survivor that can be recruited or some other special reward such as a vehicle, gadget, special item (such as medical supplies that lets a survivor recover after a mission). Other plot points get a regular reward card. All must be held by a surviving member at the end of the game.

Encountering other survivors: When encountering a random survivor, play a challenge card. If the player passes the challenge, the survivor is not hostile. Play another card, if passed, the survivor is friendly and joins the group. Hostile survivors will fight the closest character or zed, and attempt to take plot points. Neutral survivors will attempt to flee the board, attacking zeds on the way. Friendly survivors become player controlled. Draw a card to determine the random level of the survivor.

Horror Checks: (roll health check)
1) when activating in contact with a number of zeds > character level
2) when activating with >10 zeds on the board
3) when failing a challenge for a perilous area
4) when a friendly character is killed by zeds within 12" and line of sight
---roll health check to recover 1 effect at end of turn with 4+ on d6

Need to look at the rules for NPCs, bystanders, and areas of control from Vice Alley.

Looks simple, only a lone zed in sight...over the stream.

Checking out the orchard, more zeds show up.

Killing one, Miroslav heads for the house. He finds a fellow survivor and they dodge around the growing threat.

The zeds have the scent and are starting to mass.

Miroslav grabs some more supplies near the woodshed, while his new friend is torn apart just after picking up some other gear.

Miroslav Silak survived another day. He did not even get the name of the guy he met in the house. He killed 1 zed, gained 1 XP, 1 Rep, and 1 Backup. At the end, there were 15 zeds on the table.

Miroslav Silak, Level 4- d10 health
Shoot: 3d8
Brawl: 3d10
Dodge: 3d10
Might: 2d8
Finesse 2d10
Cunning: 3d10
-Moxie: ignore multiple combat penalties when brawling
-Quick dodge: 1/turn, convert to 5d8 dodge
-Intrepid: may dodge in any direction
Gear: none
Rewards: 1 XP, 1 Rep, 1 Backup

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

September 2018

Slow start but I picked it up at the end of the month to finish more VBCW figures. I have enough on hand figures for that project to take me until Historicon 2019.

Have been looking at my mound of 15mm fantasy figures...they need some love.

British Territorials...who will they support in the VBCW

60 x 28mm AVBC figures: 60 points
Total: 60 points

0. I have a Zombie Pulp Alley game on the table.

$0 spent...trying to be good.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

August 2018

Forgot to post this at the end of last month! Good results from some more days off this Summer. VBCW figures are coming along nicely, just started the second batch. This will take about a year to work through the figures on hand.

British union of Fascists...three main groups making up 78 figures.

78 x 28mm AVBC figures: 78 points
Total: 78 points
522 to go.

1 game of ASOBH with Wooden Warriors

Just some paint and bases this month.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The bigger they are...

After the shocking defeat on the beach at the first landing site, Sir Miroslav has been more careful. Taking the ship up stream a mile reveals another potential landing site near a cave with some invitingly shimmering stones nearby.

Debarking with several followers, some of the damn green devils soon appear. Sir Miroslav takes the lead and quickly engages the goblins.

The intrepid band sets forth on solid ground once again.

The goblin tribe moves to intercept.

Miroslav and Norriss charge into battle.

Combat breaks out all over. 

Aurey falls...will things go sideways once again?

The battle rages back and forth.

Duelley goes down, traded for a fallen greenskin.

Franc and two more goblins fall to even the odds.

Miroslav moves over to the other flank to gather the troops to explore the cave after clearing the remaining goblins from the field.

A huge brute Ogre will certainly be a tough match.

The beast charges, but Miroslav blocks the savage blow as his allies surround the hulking monster.

Distracted by a series of blows, the Ogre falls with Miroslav's pick embedded in its skull.

After dispatching the Ogre, the crew search the surrounding cave and pluck some of the shimmering gems to take back to the ship for study (20 gp value, 25 total for the band). The shimmering stones appear to be Charmstones. (1 charmstone).

Duelley and Franc are shaken, but quickly patched back up. They will need some rest to recover. Poor Norriss is not so lucky. His lifeless body is brought back to the ship and he is committed to the deep after a brief ceremony.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

July 2018

Great hobby month. Historicon was a blast...lots of fun games. I had many days off from work this month and I took advantage to get the Zombie project done...opening the way for a new project from my "I am interested, but will probably never get around to doing" list. A Very British Civil War comes to New Jersey. Bought all the to start painting.

Zombies chasing the survivors

VBCW figures ready to go

Sir Miroslav leads his band to explore the cave

102 x 28mm Zombies and Survivors: 102 points
TOTAL: 102 points

--- I also glued all the AVBCW figures to cardboard...and started the first batch.

6 games at Historicon

---Wooden Warriors game on the table...and I want to get a zombie game going in August.

Out the window. The huge purchases of AVBCW and Slaughterloo figures took me off the rails. At least I have figures to paint for the next few years!