Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July 2019

A fine month in the hobby. I attended Historicon, painted a few figures, and got in a game at home even with traveling for work for a week.

In August a I expect to finish 36 x 28mm figures, and get in 1 game.

Last picture is a test game of my hex based Commands and Colors fantasy variant...turned out better than expected. Some more tweaks to do.

2 x 28mm armored cars for AVBCW: 4 points
1 x 15mm dragow with rider: 2 points
Total: 6 points
---I also worked on the 28mm fantasy project.

7 games at Historicon
1 game at home
8 total

$1000 total for Historicon including travel expenses
$2225 year to date

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Historicon 2019

Attended Historicon in Lancaster PA for three days. 7 great games...lots of shopping.

Frostgrave--- Tried it out. Fun, but not something I will get involved with...but I am using the figures.
Feudal Patrol--- Fantasy version of Combat Patrol.
Combat Patrol (Japanese vs US)---HAWKs games are always well run.
Combat Patrol (Germans vs Russians)---#2...cliche with a MG in the church steeple.
7TV Apocolypse---Great table set up on a off-shore oil rig.
Dragon Rampant (with Flintloque figures)---Did not care for the rules, but the figures were fantastic.
Field of Battle---I look forward to Peter's Napoleonic FOB game every year. Game came down to the last card.

Thanks to all the GameMasters...I had fun in every game. New venue is a keeper.

Bought some supplies, lots of scatter terrain items, and two armored cars.

Friday, June 28, 2019

June 2019 and mid-year review

Great hobby month. Finished off a major project, rebased some figures to match all the rest, played a game and started another. Prepared the next two months of figures with the next project, and got my shopping list for Historicon all set.

Half way through the year. Time for a review of the year so far.
15mm fantasy game with my home brew mash up rules, Piquet/Hostile Realms variant

Humans crushed the Undead on one flank, while the Undead crushed the Elves on the other

Dwarven Pike held the hill against the zombies

Ghosts were the Undead heroes of the day

Last of the AVBCW figures painted and based

Hex 15mm fantasy game set up for next game

72x 28 MM fantasy plastic figures from several different sets, primed and washed, ready to go

Based the last of the Pulp figures

Plans for 2019

1- Complete all on hand AVBCW figures by end of June
--- DONE!

2- Game more than 10 games
--- 4 so far, good start since I have 7 planned for Historicon and 1 on the table at home

3- Attend Historicon
--- All set for next month

4- Keep spending under $1000 (plus Historicon)
--- FAILED! Started a new project...I was doing great.

5- Consider the next major task from the list below:
- Phase II of 6mm SciFi--- bump to 2020
- Phase II of Wooden Warriors--- Will be taken over by the new 28mm plastic fantasy figure project
- Phase II of Zombies--- I want about 20 survivors and 20 more zeds
- Phase II of AVBCW --- I think I will call this done after getting 2 armored cars at Historicon
- Return to 15mm Fantasy--- huge # on hand
- Start Slaughterloo--- same

--- Selected a new project not on the list...28mm fantasy. I will take PH2 of wooden warriors and AVBCW off the list above. Will look for the zombie figures/survivors at Historicon.

42 x 28mm AVBCW figures: 42 points
Total: 42 points

1 x 15mm fantasy game

$85 for the month, Litko bases for the next project
Total: $1225 YTD

Saturday, June 1, 2019

May 2019

Painting continues apace...one last group of AVBCW figures on the table to finish in June.

I went off the rails again and purchases a large batch of figures for my next project...28mm Fantasy with a focus on small skirmish and medium sized warband games. I am going to kitbash from all sorts of plastic sets.

Signed up for Historicon...looking forward to lots of gaming and minimizing purchases.

Mixed bag of AVBCW figures

42 x 28mm figures: 42 points
TOTAL: 42 points

1 x 15mm fantasy game in progres

$971 in figures, $75 for Historicon!  10 times what I had spent this year.
$ 1140 to date, blew my budget this month.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

April 2019

The end is in sight for the VBCW figures. Two more batches to go...and I think I will get 2 armored cars at Historicon.

No gaming...still have one set on the table. Have to get off the computer and get it played.

I have been thinking abut what comes after I finish the VBCW figures...and a new project is creeping into my head. 28mm Fantasy exploration game...played as a mix of individual skirmish battles, and larger warband sized games. I would use the Frostgrave plastic figures as the base, with conversions from other plastic sets. The Rangers of Shadow Deep solo/co-op game (based on Frostgrave) is very intriguing since I play mostly solo.

54 x AVBCW figures: 54 points
TOTAL: 54 points

0 --- 15mm fantasy game still on the table

$84, I backed the Pulp Alley 2ED kickstarter
Total: $94, doing great

Sunday, March 31, 2019

March 2019 and Of Armies and Hordes test game

Three months into the year and my progress on the Very British Civil War figures has been going well. I have also been getting in one game a month. I purchased and played "Of Armies and Hordes" with my 15mm fantasy figures. The game is based on the mechanics from Song of Blades and Heroes, but it is a mass battle agme. It was a very fast game, each combat resulted in heavy casualties to both sides. The game uses an interesting area movement mechanic that could be very interesting in a larger scale WW2/modern/future game with battalion sized units. Overall, I liked the game, but not sure it would replace my Hostile Realms/Pique mash-up. I have re-set the table to play the same basic scenario with my rules to get a better idea.

Despite my attempts to focus on only the VBCW project and to not get into anything new...I have been looking at plastic 28mm fantasy/historical figure (such as the Frostgrave figures) sets that I could use with the animal head conversion kits from Sally4th. This project would revolve around forces fighting over and exploring a lost continent...essentially replacing my Wooden Warriors project (and keeping me from jumping into Lego mini gaming). For now I will just do some figure research and make try to resist any purchases until all the VBCW figures are complete (by Historicon in July).

You can just make out the area movement zones broken up with foliage

Ghosts defeat the elk riders

Zombies vs Dwarven Pike

Undead right flank is destroyed

Skeleton Knights flank the Elf Rangers

Second wave of Dwarves attack the hill


Skeletons burn the village and retreat to Un-live another day

52 x 28mm AVBCW figures: 52 points
Next batch complete

Socialist ranks grow

Bavarian mercenaries

1 x game Of Armies and Hordes

$84 on the Pulp Alley 2 Kickstarter
$94 total to date

Friday, March 1, 2019

February 2019

Continuing on with the Very British Civil War figures and games. I have 4 batches of figures left (189 total) to get done before Historicon. The pull of my 15mm fantasy figures has been strong...must stay the course on painting.

I am going to set up a 15mm fantasy game using the new "Of Armies and Hordes" rules. Interesting area movement system.

52 x 28mm VBCW figures: 62
TOTAL: 52 points

1 x VBCW game with Combat Patrol

$10 on pdf "Of Armies and Hordes"
$10 total, year to date
---need to buy some paints/supplies