Monday, August 1, 2016

Last Flight Out - A Pulp Alley AAR

I had planned a solo continuation of the Pulp Alley "Perilous Island" campaign to close the month, but Junior General and a friend joined me in the fun. In this scenario, the leagues must first secure an initial plot point before trying to get Lady Elaine on the plane to escape, or to sabotage the flight. My Tsarist crew faced off with Junior General's Gangsters, and his friend's Chinese Pirates.

The Duke's Tsarist guys.

The airfield...a rustic affair.

Tsarists at the top left, Pirates to the right, and Gangsters at the bottom..."polar bear of initiate" in the background.

Gangster firing line...shooting in the first 2 turns caused a Cultist to appear.

Red Herring! JG and I each pulled the Red Herring card for the first 2 plot points.

The Duke's hired gunslinger slowed down the Pirates...but at a cost.

The action centered around the two piles of crates. JG and his friend fought tooth and nail.

Some well played fortune cards left me with two plot points...after JG dropped one.

The Duke and the Duchess each have a point...but it is too late to get Lady Elaine to the plane.

Gangster holds the good Lady hostage.

Close to the end...mostly only our leaders and sidekicks still in the true pulp style.

This spearman shook off a dozen hits.

A hollow victory...2 points for the Duke...none for the others.

Smiling even in defeat.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016

One of my more motivated months in a long time. Despite being away for two weeks for work, I finished up some more fantasy figures, bought a batch of figures for the Katzenstein project, and played two games. Even worked on the fantasy rules mash up. Hoping August is this productive.

Disappointed to have missed Historicon...plan to be back in 2017. I also have my eye on two local conventions and the HAWKS Barrage convention.

29 x 15mm fantasy figures: 29 points
---a mixture of large monsters, leaders/characters, and markers
TOTAL: 29 points

On the table:  four units for the Kingdom of Katzenstein; each represents a significant life event:
- Duchess of Bartley "Viva's Own" Guard Grenadiers - named for my dog, very small 15mm figures since she is very small...these are the men who are too small to make the other guard units.
- Carlisle Musketeers - named for my War College graduation site
- Westfield Dragoons - location of my unit armory
- Madison Musketeers - twenty years since graduating JMU

Demon, giants, and other baddies the iron one best

Cattle to use as disorder markers

Leaders and characters

Lizardmen with their leader


Wildling warriors with spears and bows

Mantlets and stakes

1 x Napoleoncics using Fate of Battle; played with a new group
1 x Pulp Alley game w/ Junior General and one of his friends

$250 this month: HUGE lot of mixed Napoleonic figures for my "Imperial" army and to field the 4 units above; I will be able to resell a portion of this
Total for the year: $353
Budget: $347 under budget,
Plan: <$100 per month; on target
Reminder: bases (round), paint, and brush some shield transfers.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

1814, Battle of La Rothier with Fate of Battle rules

Spent an enjoyable day gaming with a group of guys from the Maplewood Hobby Gaming Society (MapHoGS). Saw an announcement on their Yahoo forum about one of the gamers hosting a game just a few miles from my house. I have mostly gamed solo, with my son, or at conventions. This was a nice change to join some local folks (Allen, Bill, Steve, Lee, Jake, Garrett). Allen has been kind enough to offer an open invite for gaming.

Played the Battle of La Rothier in 1814 using the Fate of Battle rules, a variant of Buck Surdu's "Look Sarge, No Charges".

Great game even with the Russian-Austrian side on was on getting handed our heads.

My Cavalry finally drove off the opposing French Guard cavalry only to see Marshal Ney arrive to save that flank. Our center got devastated by the very aggressive enemy cavalry...kudo's to 12 year old Garrett for running over us like a Panzer Division in 1941.

Some pics of the game:

Ney arrived just in time

Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 2016

Half way through the year. Things will pick up when my pace at work slows at the end of July. Sad to be missing Historicon, especially the Piquet crew with Peter's fantasic games.
I am back in the swing with some painting, but at a leasurely pace. I am continuing the fantasy project right now but the urge to work on more than one project at a time is returning.

I will varnish and base the figures below at the end of summer when I gather bigger batch.

New batch of leaders

"Wildling" Spear and Bow men

I did take a few minutes to review my plans to start the year:
Mid-year Review
1- Finish the Pirates. Seriously this time.---DONE

2- Continue to tinker on my own Fantasy Rules.---In progress, working on my Pulse of Fantasy Battle mash up.

3- Conventions: None planned this year...very sad to not be attending Historicon due to work requirements.---DONE :(

4- Budget: $1200 target for the year. Besides the usual books, magazines, and supplies, my only planned figure purchases may be the 6mm sci fi project.--- Doing Great! Well under budget. May splurge on some figures for the Katzenstein project or start 6mm Sci Fi.

5- Next major project: One of four options...A and B are in the lead.---On Target
a. Next phase of the fantasy project (start the Demonworld figures)---plenty of figures on hand.---In Progress
b. 6mm Sci-fi---Currently has my attention, but I would have to buy figures. Research in progress.
c. Add the next 12 or so units to the Kingdom of Katzenstein.
d. Opposing forces for Kingdom of Katzenstein.---Searching for discounted figures to start this up.

31 x 15mm fantasy figures: 31 points

TOTAL: 31 points

On the table:  more 15mm fantasy figures

0- consistent

$2.50 this month: TMP payment to post an ad
Total for the year: $103
Budget: $497 under budget
Plan: <$100 per month
Still need to check on my basing, paint, and brush some shield transfers.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016

Another slow month, but I have some motivation back.
Stakes and cover for some archers

Mummies with their Necromancer


PAINTING32 x 15mm fantasy figures: 32 points
8 x terrain items: 4 points
TOTAL: 36 points

On the table:  more 15mm fantasy figures

0- consistent

$0 this month:
Total for the year: $101
Budget: $399 under budget
Plan: <$100 per month
Need to check on my basing, paint, and brush some shield transfers.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 2016

After a long slog, I am done with the Pirate Project. The combination of work, eyesight issues, and a lack of motivation in the project made this a tough one to finish.

I will now turn back to the 15mm fantasy project with all of the Demonworld figures I have on hand.

4 x 15mm Pirate ships: 40 points

On the table:  15mm fantasy figures

0, at this rate it could be August before I get a game in.

$86.05 this month: HMGS membership renewal, Wargames Soldiers and Strategy renewal, Miniature Wargames renewal
Total for the year: $101
Budget: $299 under budget
Plan: <$100 per month
Need to check on my basing, paint, and brush some shield transfers.

Friday, April 1, 2016

March 2016

Bunch of 0's for the month. Almost done with the Pirate ships.

I plan to prime some fantasy figures this weekend...and resist starting the 6mm sci-fi project.

PAINTING0 --- almost!

 On the table:  4 ships.

0   :(

$0 this month
Total for the year: $15
Budget: $285 under budget
Plan: < $100 per month