Monday, May 29, 2017

May 2017

Good painting progress this month. I have broken the back on the imagi-nation cavalry figures, with just 6 units to go. I am on track to finish them before Historicon in July.

With that finish line in sight, I have to decide what comes next. I was thinking about four of my projects:
1- Finish final 14 units for Katzenstein
2- Start Zombies
3- Continue 15mm Fantasy
4- Start 6mm sci-fi

I have decided to finish the Katzenstein units. I started ordering the 14 units worth of figures today with the goal of completing them by end of the year. This will allow me to start a new campaign in 2018.

I may work on some of the Zombie figues as the mood strikes as well, at least enough to get some test games in. I am deciding upon a rule set with Pulp Alley, Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes, and Savage Worlds under consideration.

7 x 8 figure cavalry units: 112 points

1 fantasy game

$324 for the month. I registered for Historicon and bought figures for the KoK. I also bought the Advanced SoBH rules and more Pulp Alley Cards.
$1028 year to much for my budget! I will have to really watch my spending for the rest of the year and keep my Historicon purchases to a minimum.
$1000 for the year in my budget, plus Historicon.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

That was close

Finished up a fantasy 15mm battle using my home grown Commands and Colors variant. Need to make some more rules tweaks and add in the magic section. The Elves faced off against the Undead, pulling out a narrow victory on the last few cards of turn 6. The Elven Grove Guard and Unicorn Riding Maidens saved the day by taking back the Portal Orb from the Vampire Thralls.

A look from the Undead right flank.

A small brigade of Skeletons destroyed the Wood Elves on the flank.

Elven Guard make for the sacred portal.

A solid defensive position in the center,

Zombies trudging forward.

The action is hot across the whole field.

Poor Wood Elves getting slaughtered.

Elven Elk cavalry had a hard day too.

Back and forth on this flank with both forces not contributing to the main event,

Zombies have been attritted.

Skeleton Cavalry performed well.

First wave beaten back but with heavy losses.

Unicorn Riders do their thing.

Holding in the center, but the Undead keep coming.

With the Wood Elves destroyed, the Skeletons begin to march to the center.

Unicorn Riders destroyed the Ghosts.

Zombies just won't die!

Both sides trade blows.

Thralls capture the portal!

But are thrown back by the missile fire from the Unicorn Riders and a spirited charge from the Grove Guard.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 2017

No too much to report this month. Painting was slow but I did finish 4 cavalry units and start 2 more before going away for work. I will need to pick up the pace a little the next two months to meet my July goal of finishing all 17 units.

A lucky turn of events (hitting the right numbers on the roulette wheel) turned into me blowing my budget plans. I bought a bunch of the Panzer Korps scenario books at a discount and then two lots of 15mm fantasy figures I saw for sale on TMP. Good prices all around, but that puts my budget plans in disarray.

4 x 8 figure 15mm cavalry units: 64 points
(will base them up and take a picture when I finish the next set of units)

Zero...I even took down the unplayed zombie game I had set up. I think I will set up another fantasy game when I get home.

$593! for the month.
$704 for the year to date. I will need lots of discipline to keep under my $1000 budget for the year (minus Historicon).

Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 2017

An early post to close the month since I will be traveling this weeks. Took a few days off at the beginning of the month from painting after the hard push in January and February, Picked things up over the last fortnight to finish the horses for the 17 Katzenstein project enemy cavalry units. I will start the riders in April with a goal of being done before Historicon in July.

The stables are full.

Last month I splurges using some of the money I got from selling unused figures and rules. I bought the zombie apocalypse survivor below, designed at
Neat software service that lets you design 28mm figures and have them 3D printed (I think they sub contract to Shapeways). Expensive, but a great item for a special occasion or character figure. 

0 points...I will get credit for the horses when the units are complete.

0 again...still have a test game of Pulp Alley Zed on the table.

$128 for the month on my re-subscription to Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy, and a batch of fantasy 15mm figures i could not resist for the price. I was doing so well trimming my lead stash.
Net: $111 for the year! Budget is <$1000 plus Historicon. I am in good shape so far.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

February 2017

Still on track for my plans for the year.

16 x 15mm mounted leaders: 30 points
30 x 28mm Pulp Figures: 30 points

I have also prepared 17 x 8 figure cavalry units to work on over the next few months. I will start with all the horses, and then work through the riders. This will bring the Katzenstein project OPFOR to completion.

1 game of Skirmish Action at Maplewood Hobbies
1 fantasy game with a Commands and Colors mash up

Net: -$17 for the year;
I sold $200 worth of unused figures and rule books. I used these funds to get some supplies (primer) and a start on the Zombie project. In the end, I am at -$17 for the year!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend gaming

I played in an enjoyable 28MM WW2 game at Maplewood Hobbies. The rules were Skirmish Action, a new set by Lee Sowers and Dennis Stackhouse.

The scenario called for a mixed US and British force with loads of armor to cross the river in the face of stiff resistance to link up with the airborne forces off table.

Only one pic from the game:

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Projects and lead mountain

I have been following a few threads on TMP and listening to some comments on the Meeples and Miniatures podcast about folks building up huge loads of unpainted figures. I decided to take stock of my projects and I think I am doing pretty well.


PULP: 30 figures in progress. Nothing else unpainted.

6mm SCI-FI: End of year or next year's project. One batch of figures and terrain. I plan to paint all these so nothing extra. This will be a growing project next few years.

KATZENSTEIN (imagi-nation): 25 x 8 figure cavalry units I will start next month. I will make one last large purchase of about 150 figures for this project at the end of the year and paint them all in 2018.

15mm FANTASY: Very large batch of Demonworld figures that I got for a steal on hand...will return to these in due time. These should be my only "lingering" unpainted figures. Never-ending many 15mm fantasy figures to add to my already very large collection (171 four-base units).

Zombies: I bought about 100 zombies (and 1 survivor) with the money I raised selling unused lead and rules.

Not bad compared to the posts I see online of 1000s of figures! Other than the Demonworld figures that I know will be taken in small bites over time, I think I will have the rest of the figures all done in 18 months.

I have a few bits and bobs of left over figures from my mature projects. Nothing I plan to paint and probably down to 100 or so mixed figures since I sold the big bags of left over Napoleonics this week.