Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014

Good progress although I stalled with painting for about a week. Next up are the SLM Dark Dwarves.

112 x 15mm fantasy figures: 112 points
5 x 20mm SLM Woodland Warriors: 5 points
TOTAL: 117 points

1 x Sci-fi skirmish
-- Played this game on a modified set up left over from the big game my son set up with his friends. My son added some action to my original set up and the objective was to destroy the lego radar tower on top of the clock tower. Mission accomplished with limited casualties, but the dropship was damages during the extraction.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

April production

Some new photos of the painting this month. Now to get them all on the table to take back the Golden Idol. these guys



Armored Ratmen Warriors for them in the woods

Big Bugbears...great figures

Medusa, Mindflayer, and a pack of giants

The five latest Druid's Children from Splintered Light Miniatures

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First quarter review

The first quarter of a snow filled year is behind me. Painting progress has been very good. Purchases are up so I have to bring that under control between now and Historicon in July.

Let's take a look at the plans for 2014...
Plans for 2014:
 1- Lots of figures still on hand for the fantasy project...will keep this at the priority for the year
---Elves--- DONE
---Dwarves--- part 1 primed, rest put in que after new purchases
---Then buy next batch. Focusing on one manufacturer at a time. --- Bought three new batches...1 DONE, 1 primed, 1 in the que.

2- Texture the bases on the imagi-nation figures --- Not started, this will be the Spring lunchime project

3- Update the blog with links and followed blogs --- Procrastinating

4- Small additions to existing projects...keeping each to about a week's work and finishing them as they are bought. Expect about a months worth of painting. --- Painted the 6 planes, put the Zombies/survivors into the que

5- Attend Historicon and Cold Wars--- COLD WARS

6- Spend less than in 2013...need major work on this goal.--- Trending poorly

7- Start Pirates project --- counted them up...about 200 plus 100 civilians, and the ships, will start when I get burned out on 15mm fantasy

Here is a battle layout my son did with two friends...