Friday, January 26, 2018

January 2018

A nice start to the new year. Good progress on the 6mm sci fi front and some work on a few of the wooden warriors.

I will continue the 6mm sci fi in Feb, big push during a 4-day weekend mid-month. The wooden warriors are great for just short bursts of painting.

Almost ready to start the first game in the next Katzenstein campaign. Made a mapboard to track the movement of forces, and almost done with the force rosters.

Hover Bikes

Armored Combat Engineers

Mix of figures

More wooden warriors in the works

Map for the next campaign

30 x 6mm scifi bases: 30 points
Total: 30 points

0...but getting close

$350 for the month...much more than expected but I bought the next big batch of 6mm sci fi figures
$350 for the year.