Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 2013

More progress on the fantasy armies front.

Received some brushes for my birthday and the long awaited Wargames Compendium.

50 x Fauns: 50 points
162 x Lionmen, Lynxmen, Cougars, and Gnolls: 162 points
TOTAL: 212 points

Next up Goblins and Orcs.

1 x Fantasy Rules (home grown)
1 x Sci-fi with a mix of Force on Force and Chain of Command rules
1 x Bag the Hun WW2 air combat game

Junior General's Wildcat is about to get his first kill on a Zero

Monday, October 14, 2013

Crossing the border

Ran a sci-fi solo game using a mish-mash of Force on Force rules (very modifier) and Chain of Command.

The scenario called for a Vistula Veague platoon to cross the border and retrieve the data recorder from a crashed drone in Babylon Emirate territory. A recon team was in place on overwatch, but they needed special technicians and tools (carried by the tracked mule).

Total casualties at the end were similar but the Vistula League owned the field and took the objective.

Vistula League
4 Light WIA

Babylon Emirate
8 KIA (5 left on the field)
6 WIA (5 left on the field, 3 POW)
6 Light WIA

Ready to cross the border (runs along the valley), objective in the swamp in the back.

Good progress early on.
Until the lead squad on the right ran into an enemy squad at close range in the woods. Luckily, the platoon sergeant was on hand to keep the squad in the fight.

1st squad wins the exchange but took some casualties and hunkered down in the woods to regroup.

Meanwhile, the Platoon Leader led 3rd squad up the left flank to link up with the Recon team.
The Recon team catches an enemy squad in the open going for the data recorder...inflicting heavy losses.
They then move forward to cover the technicians...but take some casualties to an enemy RPG.

The enemy pull back with heavy losses after a respectable showing.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Golden Idol Saved!

Another battle with my home grown fantasy battle rules. Enjoying tinkering with the rules as I paint up more fantasy figures...the Hobbits, Ratmen, and Fauns (brought in freshly painted) all appeared in this battle.

The scenario called for the city-states (that is what I am calling the Greco-Roman-Persian group of figures) with their sneaky Ratmen allies are trying to steal the Golden Idol found by the Gnomes and currently sitting in the nearby Hobbit village. The Hobbits would call on the local Wildman tribes (bribing them with mead) and their Faun allies to defend the valley.

The Idol is saved in the end...great performances by the Hobbit Militia on Pigs, the Hobbit Militia Farmers, and the Naked Fanatics.

The field of battle from the Gnome camp looking towards the village.

Golden Idol defended by Hobbit Militia.

Hobbit bounders mounted on wardogs ride in and shower the enemy with arrows.

Gnome and Ratmen slingers trade stones.

PIGS! These little guys disrupted the enemy main attack.

Falling back after damaging two units.

Then getting routed by a charge from the flank.

That carried on into the Hobbit Warders on the hill.

Gnomes bungled things at the beginning...these brave fellow would be sent to flight soon.

The Fauns arrived in the center and forced some enemy cavalry to flee the field.

The center held.

The left flank was in trouble for a while.

Gnome slingers soften up the Ratman warband.

Hobbits ready to defend the village, idol, and the mead supply.

The second Wild-man unit is defeated.

But the Naked Fanatics launch a furious charge that sweeps the enemy from the field.

While more Gnomes get things together and turn the tide on the Ratmen.

Bounders finish off the last threat to the left flank.

Heroes of Hobbiton! The militia countercharge the enemy spearmen when they fail to reach the Hobbit lines. VICTORY!

Fanatics earn an extra barrel of mead.

In the end, Junior General challenges an enemy commander and takes off his head with a single blow.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fantasy reinforcements

September's output...just missed the last battle.

Hobbit militia on pigs, Makin' Bacon

Hobbit militia on rams, The Ruffs

Hobbit rangers on wolfhounds with a hero out front

Hobbit militia, extra base in the back with get a camp set-up

Hobbit rangers with hero...spear and bow armed troops

Ratmen warriors and champion...Cluny the Scourge

Ratmen slingers flinging stone death