Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 2010 Painting Report

A second great month in my year-long plan.

4 x 12 figures infantry units: 48 points

Flames of War:
44 x US Para Platoon: 44 pts
31 x GE Panzer Grenadier Platoon: 31 pts

13 x SL Hares: 13 pts

Not Complete:
Hare Fort --- delayed until properly motivated.

TOTAL: 137 points

Not much played on the gaming front. Did finish two Memior 44 games, and I have been drafting notes for the next imagi-nation campaign. Got an online map maker to help.

October Plan: ----adjusted a few things to paint what is already primed
2 x SL Bears
7 x SL Badgers (moved up from November)
17 x SL Rats
38 x US Ranger Platoon
(possibly- 4 x 12 figure Imagi-nation infantry units---may be in Nov)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Splintered Light Hares

Hares from Splintered Light Miniatures for use with Ganesha Games "Song of Blades and Heroes" rules. These have become my standard skirmish rules for all genres.

My son picked the hares as his warband, and selected the brown uniform with glor/blue shields. I added the carrot banner for flavor. The hares have the ability to make a leaping attack.

Monday, September 27, 2010

US Parachute Rifle Platoon

A US Parachute Rifle Platoon for my son. These were the first FoW figures I bought a year and a half ago just for him to play with. Painted in the late war uniform.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Panzer Grenadiers

Late war Panzer Grenadier Platoon. Painted them in an early war clor of coat and pants. Need to get four half-tracks to carry them.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Random musings

September has started out well, painted 4 x 12 man imagi-nations units, and I will finish a US Para platoon for FoW tomorrow. Plan to knock out a GE grenadier platoon over the next week. That will leave me with teh 13 Hares from Splintered Light. I don't think I will get to the Hare Fort I have planned, but it will still cap two great months of painting.

I sold several hundred dollars of books and rules on TMP this month. I had gathered a collecting over the past few years while searching for the rules I wanted to use. I do like reading rules and seeing the concepts these use, but it was time to cull the herd. The benefit is that I then spent the money on painting and basing supplies, the final figures for my imagi-nation (for now!), and some terrain. I got the FoW Normandy beach defeses set...expensive, but it comes with some great bunkers that I can use with FoW and for skirmish gaming.

I also traded one book for several FoW a great deal by getting 3 Shermans, a Ranger Platoon, a Fallschrimjager Platoon, and a US Armored Rifle Platoon.

While at work, I have drafted up some notes for my next imagi-nation campaign. It will be a multi-sided conflict in the Grand Dutchy of Hippo-Heimer just to the North of Katzenstein. Rather than a simple linear campaign, this one will involve some map moves and I want to incorporate the Mythic Game Generator into things for random events. I am still short on cavalry, so things will most likely kick off after I get them painted this winter.

Some thoughts on figures: When I started getting figures for my units, I was excited that there were all kinds of poses and unique sculpts. In hindsight, I like to have the units in the advancing pose and not have as many poses in the units. My units are mostly AB figures and Warmodelling/Fantassin figures with a few others thrown in. The AB figures can be bought individually, and that is nice. The Warmodelling come in packs of 8 for infantry...and 6 for command packs. This does force me to use an extra drummer in each unit to get a command stand and three line stands.

Colors: My imagination has troops in all kinds of colors. This is intentional even if it losses some continuity. I am trying out combinations for the future and I have found I like blues mixes with grey, white, or tan/brown for my units. I will keep this in mind when it comes time for my imagi-nation ancient troops.

Basing: I have been using pumice texture and static grass on the FoW bases. Looks good. I just bought some grass tufts to try out too. I am not sure about going back and texturing my imagi-nation figures. It would be a big project.

Rules: I have settled into some rules sets-
Skirmish: Song of Blades and Heroes (with varients)
WW II: Flames of War
Space ships: Starmada
Imagi-Nation: Carnage and Glory computer rules
Ancients: writing my own! Individual figures/losses.
---I like the Pique rules sets. May not use them exactly, but working some concepts into my ancients rules.

Photos: My camera skills are horrible. I need to go back and take new pictures of all the imagi-nation units.

Time to get painting.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grinch Garrison Regiment

The black coated garrison troops for the nation provide a field regiment to support occupying key positions in any campaign

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hartuh Mawtch Musketeer Regiment

This fancily dressed regiment is a delight on parade.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hifferback Highland Regiment

This regiment is recruited from the Hifferback clan, descendants of Scottish immigrants.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sneeches Seminary Regiment

Army Chaplains are recruiter in their early teens and undergo a trial by fire with the Sneeches Seminary Regiment. Only those tested in battle graduate and serve with the army.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Taking stock of the cavalry, I find I will have 20 regiments with 4 more planned for the second phase.

1- Garde du Korps

2- Cavalrie Regiment de Pupilles

3- Zweiback Garde du Honneur

4- Krock Kavern Kurassiers

5- Krupp Kurassiers

6- Culpepper Carabiniers

7- Vail Valley Dragoons

8- Wah Hoo Hussars

9- Hinkle Horn Hussars

10- Hippono-Hungus Hussars

11- Boober Bay Uhlans

12- Prax Praire Cossacks

13- Drize Loyal Mamelukes

14- Lorax Lancers

15- Jivvanese Jagers zu Pferde

16- Ronk Ruin Rough Riders

17- Valing Valley Chassuers a Chevel

18- West Bunglefield Chevau-legers

19- Dutter Dragoons

20- Catin-Hatt Curassier

21- Ish Irregulars

22- Hippo-Heimer Heavy Horse

23- Doft Dragoons

24- Keck Kurassier

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


 I have taken stock of my infantry and find they come to 60 Regiments!

1- Liebgarde Grenadier Regiment, Gd

2- Countessa Genessa Foot Velite de Garde Regiment, Gd

3- Prince Noah Petite Garde Regiment, Gd

4- Eiffelberg Grenadier Regiment, Gr

5- Gekko Grotto Grenadier Regiment, Gr

6- Gwark Isle Grenadier Regiment, Gr

7- Mount Crumpit Geibergs Regiment, R

8- Zoomba-Na-Tant Geibergs Regiment, R

9- Mount Zorn Geibergs Regiment, R

10- Oif Provisional Marine Regiment, R

11- Lake Winna Bongo Provisional Marine Regiment, R

12- Provisional Naval Landing Party, R

13- Whoville Volunteer Musketeer Regiment, R

14- Hartuh Mawtch Musketeer Regiment, R

15- Hifferback Highland Regiment, R

16- Loyal Legion of Estrangers, R

17- Herk-Heimer Fusilier Regiment, R

18- Terwilliger Tirailleur Regiment, R

19- Vavode Voltigeur Regiment, R

20- Bumm Ridge Flanquer Regiment, R

21- Fopswich Flanquer Regiment, R

22- Salamasond Shutzen Regiment, R-Rfl

23- Finnigen Fen Feld-Jager Regiment, R-Rfl

24- Jorn Jungle Jager Regiment, R-Rfl

25- Zind Janissierie Regiment, Irg

26- Nantaket Wilds Border Regiment, Irg

27- Pomplemoose Pass Pandour Regiment, Irg

28- McElliot's Friekorps, Irg

29- Tobsk Tribe Regiment, Irg

30- Boola Boo Ball Landwehr Regiment, Mlt

31- Bunglebug Bridge Landwehr Regiment, Mlt

32- Mulberry Militia Regiment, Mlt

33- Mercedd Militia Regiment, Mlt

34- Yerka Isle Yeomanry Regiment, Mlt

35- Yupster Yeomanry Regiment, Mlt

36- Flobbertown Veteran Fencible Regiment, Mlt

37- Royal Rouge Customs Constable Regiment, 2nd R

38- Royal Bleu Border Constable Regiment, 2nd R

39- Dookles Deserter Battalion, 2nd R

40- Roover River Cadet Ranger Regiment, 2nd R

41- Sneeches Seminary Regiment, R

42-Grinch Garrison Regiment, Gar

43- Garbledrum Garrison Regiment, Gar

44- Poozers Pioneer Regiment, Pio

45- Zooks Zouaves Regiment, R

46- Fuddle Fusilier Regiment, R

47- Gee Hossa Ehat Guarda de Costa Regiment, 2nd R

48- Nizzonds Volunteer Privateer Regiment, Irg

49- His Majesty's Native Infantry, Metedeconk, Irg

50- His Majesty's Native Infantry, Manasquan, Irg

51- Colonial Militia

52- Colonial Militia

53- Colonial Militia

54- Colonial Militia

55- Colonial Militia

56- Colonial Militia

57- Ooblek Sappers and Miners

58- Saint Polycarp Musketeers

59- Saint Rose Musketeers

60- Saint Clement Musketeers
61-  ottoman infantry from Black Hat

62- The Duchess of Bartley, Viva's Own Guard xxxxx

63- colonial garrison

64- colonial garrison

65- colonial ranger

66- colonial ranger

67- india native (sepoy)

68- african native

69- asian native

70- carib native