Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012

Started out  slow month of painting after the past two months of great progress, then I picked up the WW2 British company and made good progress during the storm. Will finish them up next month.

5 x 15mm sci-fi vehicles: 5 points

After the British, I have 40 modern skirmish figures on hand ready to go. That should close the year unless I get to them early and start the ancients.

Starting to plan for the new year too.

I was thinking of going to Fall In this year, but I did not see many games that interest me so I will save some money for Cold Wars and Historicon next year.

A few pics from a game with my son:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sci-fi vehicles

The first of my sci-fi vehicles, all from Khurasan Miniatures. CMG figures used for scale.

Like these alot...painted them very generic to use with any troops.

Next sets of vehicles will be dedicated to my son's company and my motor company. Looking at Combat Wombat vehicles for those forces.

Monday, October 22, 2012


I like reading books with a long series.

I am currently working on:

Redwall (on book # 4 Mossflower)

Eagle Series (on book # 9 The Gladiator)

Jack Aubrey (stalled at book # 4 The Mauritius Command)

I have also enjoyed the following in the past:
Forgotten Realms (D&D)
Horatio Hornblower
Richard Sharpe
Song of Fire and Ice
Honor Harrington
Jack Absolute

I also read lots of military history with an emphasis on the Napoleonic period and World War Two.