Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 2017, mid year review

Half way through the year. Good progress on my painting projects and a few enjoyable games under my belt. I am looking forward to Historicon next month.

Mid-year Review
1- Katzensetin OPFOR expansion: figures on hand, in progress
   a. Finish infantry by end of January---DONE
   b. Leaders in Feb---DONE
   c. Artillery in March---DONE
   d. Cavalry by end of July (Historicon)---DONE

2- Pulp: two batches of about 30 figures each (one from Christmas, one batch to be bought at Historicon)---One batch DONE; will not do another this year.

3- 6mm Sci Fi: this will be the big new project for the year ---the focus for after finishing the KoK expansion---Postponed until Katzenstein figures are complete

4- 28mm Zombies: if I need a change up and find some of the plastic kits cheap---Purchased figures

5- Attend some conventions: NJCon, Historicon...maybe even splurge for Cold Wars or Fall In---Historicon next month

6- Spending: <$1000 for the year plus Historicon; I have been saving my change for a few years and plan to cash in for convention spending---OVER SPENT, I will need to keep Historicon spending low

7- Gaming: Keep up on my solo pulp and fantasy gaming, expand my opportunities with gamers in NJ.---SOLO gamed a few times, need to reach out to the locals again

8- Fantasy Rules: next version with updated stats, magic, and custom card deck---Continuing to TINKER

9 of the 17 cavalry regiments for the Imperial Army

8 more regiments

14 infantry regiments for Katzenstein being recruited

48 x 15mm cavalry figures: 96 points
TOTAL: 96 points

No games this month...I keep wanting to try out a Pulp Alley zombie game.

$6 for the month! (can of primer)
$1034 year to date.
$1000 for the year in my budget, plus Historicon.