Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014

Started off slowly this month but finally got myself in gear to tackle some of the purchases from Historicon.

Had a problem with "frosting" again when using the spray varnish. I just used a brush on matte varnish and it made a big improvement, not perfect, but much better.

30 x 15mm Imagi-nation figures: 30 points
35 x zombies: 35 points
41 x modern civilians and survivalist: 41 points
12 x sci-fi: 12 points
TOTAL: 118 points

none...recharging the batteries.

Junior General's two units of imagi-nation figures

Armored sci-fi figures

Mix of civilians and armed rabble


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fantasy Project progression

The fantasy 15mm project has grown to become my largest collection...with plenty more in the painting queue. 38 more units ready to go, plus a huge load of Demondworld figures. The Pirate project keeps getting delayed.

Current collection- 121 four-stand units!

Next up are the following is to get them done by end of the year.

-skeleton archers
-skeleton warriors
-skeleton warriors
-skeleton mounted lancers

-scorpion riders

-lizard rider lancers

-dwarf crossbow
-dwarf warriors

-elite archers
-mounted archers

-heavy cavalry
-13 leaders

-chaos warriors
-mounted lizard men

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July 2014

Missed my usual end of month post. have not been very motivated to paint since Historicon, but I feel the urge coming back.

On the work bench:
- 30 15mm Napoleonic figures for the Junior General (painted as imagi-nation forces)
- 3 15mm downed pilots
- 30 or so zombies
- 30 or so survivors
- 12 sci-fi figs

Once these are done (all Historicon purchases), I have to decide on starting the Pirates project or continuing with the Fantasy project.

49 x 15mm fantasy figures: 49 points

1 x IABSM at home
6 x Historicon (JG played in 5 games as well)

Skeleton Legion

Leaders and a Wizard

Mercenary Company (The Floridians...UoF colors...just by chance)