Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July 2014

Missed my usual end of month post. have not been very motivated to paint since Historicon, but I feel the urge coming back.

On the work bench:
- 30 15mm Napoleonic figures for the Junior General (painted as imagi-nation forces)
- 3 15mm downed pilots
- 30 or so zombies
- 30 or so survivors
- 12 sci-fi figs

Once these are done (all Historicon purchases), I have to decide on starting the Pirates project or continuing with the Fantasy project.

49 x 15mm fantasy figures: 49 points

1 x IABSM at home
6 x Historicon (JG played in 5 games as well)

Skeleton Legion

Leaders and a Wizard

Mercenary Company (The Floridians...UoF colors...just by chance)

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