Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 2011

A strong finish and plenty of time off helped get in another good month. I met my goal of painting the Flames of War figures in the month they are purchased.

Also made good progress on the Splintered Lands figures (animals). I have 60 left and plan to finish them in next two months to bring that project to a close. I strongly recommend this line of figures from Splintered Light Miniatures...great for getting younger kids into the hobby. I will end up with one of each pose for the whole range.

I also spent way too much money on a huge order of 15mm WW II US infantry from several companies. I am going to take one of each pose from all the ranges and make a unique company for my son for use with Flying lead, NUTS!, and Force on Force. This will be a Christmas present that I hope he will remember for a long time to come. I want to have him game a campaign and give some consideration to each man.


African Militia: 28 points
Mice: 19 pts
Raccoons: 16 pts
US Ranger Plt: 30 pts
8x Recon Jeeps: 8 pts
1 x M7 Priest SPG: 1 pt

TOTAL: 102 points

August plans are to work the SL animals and my generic skirmish figures. I am committed to getting these two projects doen before starting anything else. Lots of nice new figures on the market but I need to hold off until Fall In at the earliest...that gives me 90 days to get some good work done.

On a side project, I want to get the fort I recieved for Christmas painted. Will go well with the animals and lots of other uses.

The Katzensteiin campaign will continue as well. I am sticking with Field of Battle rules but I want to try the Carnage and Glory II computer moderated rules for a game after seeing them in action at Historicon.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Winter Quarters

A series of severe Winter storms in early December has convinced all parties to settle into quarters. The sting of the defeat at Furthing Ford begins to fade as the Katzain leaders review the overall strategic situation. The Katzain Naval Division remains at Merlichetic to aid on the defense of Hippo-Heimer. A brigade is also supporting a mixed group of Hippo-Heimer regulars and local militia in the defense of Curfu. The main body of the Katzain army is in quarters at Great Bluff with a large magazine under construction at Vavode. It is expected that the main thrust of the Katzain army will be aimed at the Poo-Boochen forces to the North-West while the remaining Northern Alliance forces continue to hold the line of the Bunting Canal in Northern Hippo-Heimer. LTG Von Struddel has directed a general reorganization of the Katzain intervention force while MG Grumm has been banished to organize the supplies at Vavode.

The rebellion in the Kingdom of Didd's colonies in Merika continues and will likely prevent any Didd intervention in the conflict.

Baron Von Stinken's "Legion of Peace" is centered around Gwernhoff with some elements continuing to harrass Hippo-Heimer forces along the Bunting canal. It is not know how long Von Stinken can hold the rebel forces together after his failure to capture Merlichetic and the heavy losses suffered in the eventual capture of Gwernhoff.

The Barony of Schluppity-Schlupp forces in The Grand Duchy of Hippo-Heimer have suffered heavy losses due to illness. The army is in quarters along with the rebel "Legion of Peace" centered around the newly captured town of Gwernhof.

The Barony of Gluppity-Glupp's exit from the conflict after the ill conceived plan to blockade the river was unexpected but certainly welcomed by the Norther Alliance. The Baron reportedly offered the head of his principal military advisor in exchange for the ability to resume trade along the Iller.

The Principality of Poo-Boochen forces in Southern Hippo-Heimer occupy the fort at Sevillia with an advanced post at Furthing. These forces have been reinforced during the Winter after the short lived negotiations in which Poo-Boochen sought to gain the hill country along the border.

The County of Keck has provided additional forces to assist in the defense of Hippo-Heimer. The Keck brigade is located at Merlichetic with additional light cavalry picketing the canal to the South.

The District of Doft has taken a decidedly pro-Hippo-Heimer stance in the conflict and thrown off the usually conservatism of Doft politics. The Doft contribution now consists of a regiment of dragoons and two regiments of infantry.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beach Musings

I am on vacation at the beach and have been thinking about how I came to this point in the wargaming hobby.

I started with miniatures when I was about seven or so. I had some sets of 40mm or so German and US figures...the "green army men" that many are familiar with. I soon graduated to 20mm Airfix and others and even found two boys from friends of the family to play with. We mostly used unpainted figures with a few haphazard attempts at getting some color on the figures. We made up our own rules and started in on vehicles as well (these we painted in all kinds of cammp). Most figures were WW II but we were happy to incude other periods. I remember having a force of Vietnam era US troops allied to my Afrika Korps Germans. I also remember having a STUG I painted and a German halftrack with rockets on the side plus several German armored cars. STUGs and ACs are still my favorites.

While writing this I vaguely remembered the older boy trying us out with some AWI horse and musket figures. We played our games on a sandtable my dad built in my basement (8'x4'). Lots of figures, lots of fun.

I graduated to computer wargames (played with the same guys) and figures fell by the wayside. I had a brief resurgence in my teens when I picked up some Napoleonic figures after reading Chandler's Campaigns of Napoleon. I made my first "imagi'nation" with Austrian infantry, Russian guns, and some French Cavalry.

Sadly all these figures are now gone (I have searched my parents basement several times) but the board from the sandtable is still there.

I refound miniatures while working on a computer game. I wanted to design and publish (have someone else program) a Napoleonic tactical wargame. It did not turn out how I expected, but I did get linked up with Matrix Games ( and through tme I have been a part of publishing several games. I recommend our relaunched version of Horse and Musket. While researching my game design, I found The Miniatures Page and bough many sets of rules.

The final straw was broken when I purchased a mass of plastic Napoleonic figures just before I went to Iraq in 2008. I had them all boxed up ready to be shipped my way when I found lots of 15mmm metal figures online. I made the switch and have been at it for almost three years.

The first unit I painted was Austrian infantry in helmet (in imagi-nation colors) just like I did 20 plus years ago with the plastics.

I listed to View From The Veranda podcast on the beach this week. Always a pleasure along with the Meeples and Miniatures podcast. I am also reading old issues of Miniature Wargaming, MWAN, and Wargames Digest that I picked up for $1 each at Historicon. Great fun.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Counter-attack at Furthing

30 November: Poo-Bochen forces launched a dawn counter-attack against the Katzian division led by MG Grumm. The atatckers advanced from two directions along the riverbank to storm the town of Furthing Ford.

The Katzian forces are well deployed with strong reserves.

But the town is garrisoned by second line troops.

They manage to see off one attack.

But the defenders are sent fleeing by cannon fire and a rapid charge by a battalion of Jager using the riverbank as cover.

Unexpected reinforcements arrive.

Von Finklestein's brigade counter-attacks to regain the town.

As Poo-Boochen troops rush to cross the ford.

And win the race.

Von Finklestein's white coats suffer heavy casualties.

While Prinz Noah leads his remaining battalion in the attack.

The town is recaptured for a time.

The enemy first brigade retires in the face of cavalry pressure.

As the Dutter Dragoons clear the streets.

The battle hangs in the balance as the Poo-Boochen forces mass for a second attack.

Capturing the town for the second time.

MG Grumm orders his forces to retire in good order with a strong rear guard.

The enemy is content to occupy the town and declines to pursue.
A hard fought battle sees the better led Poo-Boochen forces take revenge for the defeat earlier in the month. MG Grumm's failure to post defenders on the North bank of the river proves to be pivitol.

The Katzian forces retreat through the day as snow begins to fall. Pausing for the night at a small village to care for the wounded, Grumm orders the retreat to continue in the morning.

LTG Von Stroodel meets the division when it arrives at the main camp. While the units are generally in good order, the heavy losses of the twin battles at Furthing Ford are evident especially in the ranks of Prinz Noah's ad hoc brigade.

MG Grumm's fate will have to wait until Spring as the Army of Katzenstein enters winter quarters.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Battle of Furthing Ford

06 November---Suprised to find an enemy force deploying rapidly in front of his division, MG Grumm ordered the light cavalry brigade to delay the large opposing cavalry force in order to give his brigades to deploy on either side of the road with Prinz Noah's brigade in reserve.
The Katzian force advances unaware of the enemy force approaching from the West.

The open ground on the right would see a see-saw cavalry clash.

Poo-Bochen troops advance rapidly to seize the near hills and array their cavalry for battle on the left wing.

Two Katzian light cavalry regiments charge the three enemy regiments counting on quality making up for quantity.

The Valing Valley Chassuers would scatter the lancers after a fierce melee.

The Zook's Zouaves see off the first charge of the enemy Chasseurs.

A mix up in orders sees Colonel Von Finklestein's white coated brigade withdraw behind Prinz Noah's reserves.

Zook's Zouaves are routed and suffer severe losses to renewed enemy cavalry charges.

After sorting out the mixed up orders, Von Finklestein's brigade advances under heavy fire supported by a battery of guns.

The Vailing Valley Chasseurs retire to reform.

The Poo-Boochen center holds.

But the right wing collapses unexpectedly.

Prinz Noah leads his brigade against the weakened flank.

With their lines of communications under threat, the Poo-Boochen forces prepare to retire.

Heavy musket fire sees off the Poo-Boochen rear guard cavalry.
MG Grumm snatched victory from the jaws of defeat due to some superb work by the 6lb battery on the left flank and the bold advances by Colonel Von Finklestein and Prinz Noah. Each side suffered heavy cavalry losses and significant infantry casualties but each force also still had an unengaged brigade on the field.

The Poo-Boochen forces withdrew a few miles to regroup while MG Grumm ordered the Ooblek Sappers and Miners to begin fortifying the town by the ford.

It is reported that LTG Von Stroodel flew into a fit of rage when he found out Grumm had failed to push an advanced guard ahead of his division and almost suffered a major defeat. LTG Von Stroodel calmed down long enough to send a polite note to Colonel-Bishop Von Finklestein and another private message to Prinz Noah.

Friday, July 8, 2011


A force of mercenaries/contractors guarding a VIP. More figures for the Krasnovian Campaign.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Masked Gunmen

Group of masked gunmen...good for several uses. Rebels, insurgents, name it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

African Militia

A large force of African militia. Armed with RPGs and AK47s.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A new batch of figures for Song of the Splintered Lands. Weasels in action.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Father and Son Gaming

Flames of War gaming with my son.

He destroyed my STUGs on their first outing.

A shirt he got me from the Phili Zoo.

A Memoir '44 game he is playing with a friend. Recruiting a new gamer!

More M'44 stuff in the game room.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mid Year Review-2011

Half the year has gone by and painting progress has been right on schedule.
J- 98

Total So Far:  671 points 
I completed the Starmada project and the Katzenstein project. These join the completed Flames of War Project.

I am working through the Krasnovia project now and making progress on the Splintered Lands animals.

When these two are done this year, I will start on 3 other projects for 2012:
Sci-Fi 15mm skirmish for Tomorrow's War and Flying Lead

I have kept purchases generally undercontrol except for one large restock on bases from Litko. This included the bases for the Ancients project and magnetic bottoms for all my figures. I am planning to improve all my basing in 2012 and arrange better storage by placing the figures on steel sheet in the trays. Also bought some 15mm Sci Fi figures from Khurasan when I got some other figs. Saved on shipping this way.

Historicon is coming up on 8 July. I have some planned purchases but not too many figures. I will have significantly reduced my unpainted lead this year.

I have played a few games this year and the 2nd Imagi-nation campaign is moving along well. Need to get more games in. Rome:Total War and the new Memoir '44 Online have been major distractions from my gaming.