Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 2011

A strong finish and plenty of time off helped get in another good month. I met my goal of painting the Flames of War figures in the month they are purchased.

Also made good progress on the Splintered Lands figures (animals). I have 60 left and plan to finish them in next two months to bring that project to a close. I strongly recommend this line of figures from Splintered Light Miniatures...great for getting younger kids into the hobby. I will end up with one of each pose for the whole range.

I also spent way too much money on a huge order of 15mm WW II US infantry from several companies. I am going to take one of each pose from all the ranges and make a unique company for my son for use with Flying lead, NUTS!, and Force on Force. This will be a Christmas present that I hope he will remember for a long time to come. I want to have him game a campaign and give some consideration to each man.


African Militia: 28 points
Mice: 19 pts
Raccoons: 16 pts
US Ranger Plt: 30 pts
8x Recon Jeeps: 8 pts
1 x M7 Priest SPG: 1 pt

TOTAL: 102 points

August plans are to work the SL animals and my generic skirmish figures. I am committed to getting these two projects doen before starting anything else. Lots of nice new figures on the market but I need to hold off until Fall In at the earliest...that gives me 90 days to get some good work done.

On a side project, I want to get the fort I recieved for Christmas painted. Will go well with the animals and lots of other uses.

The Katzensteiin campaign will continue as well. I am sticking with Field of Battle rules but I want to try the Carnage and Glory II computer moderated rules for a game after seeing them in action at Historicon.